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equestrian home office in Los Angeles

It’s been three months since the family and I moved into a new house. I love living in our new rental, but there is always more decorating to do. Add a plant here, move this chair, swap out that rug…  It’s so much fun styling a room, but I get a huge sense of accomplishment when a space is completed. I tackled decorating our patio first and now my office is officially done. I thought I would share some photos here since most of you have only seen the Apartment Therapy feature of our old Silver Lake apartment.

My office is one of my favorite rooms. It’s filled with tons of natural light and you get a nice view of Fira in her stall.

a light filled home office packed with small style

The serape love seat fits perfectly along the back wall and offers a nice view of the yard.

Mango on the serape couch in the office

Mango spends plenty of time in this room soaking up the sun on the couch.

a small home office is packed with equestrian style

This room is small. I use stylish storage to hide all of my office accessories. The luggage holds paint and miscellaneous supplies, the blue tote holds hard drives, camera lens, and cables, and the cowhide boxes on the desk store my craft supplies. I even hide journals and my camera behind my wedding photo.

My favorite piece of furniture is definitely the secretary desk I can flip up in an instant. I hide bigger messes in there when company comes over.

Tecovas cowboy boots on the shelf

I try to decorate with cowboy boots whenever I get the chance.

air plant display on the wall

I display air plants in tea light and wall accents from CB2. Before I hung these, the wall was just missing something. It adds a nice pop of green.

shelve styling on point in an equestrian's home office

Susan from Saddle Seeks Horse stopped over to meet Fira and delivered some succulents. I picked up a few more brass accessory holders from CB2 to display them.

air plant and hats hanging on the wall

On the left is my closet. The old house only has two closets so Adam gets the one in the bedroom and I took the one in my office (they are the same size). It prevents us from trying to share the same small space. The hats hanging on the door lead to the outside and patio area.

a cozy corner in the home office

This room gets a lot of foot traffic and it’s always getting vacuumed. Mango uses the little doggy door to let herself these days.

a blogger's equestrian home office

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Mango on the serape couch

Thanks for stopping by my work space! If you have any questions about product sources, please ask! I’m happy to help you shop.

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7 comments on “Tour My Equestrian Home Office
  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful as always Raquel. Nothing, however, can surpass being able to see your horse from your office!

  2. Carly Kade says:

    What a lovely office space, Raquel! I second Karen’s comment. Being able to see your horse out the window must be a dream come true. So happy for you!

  3. I LOVE the plants on the wall — those are so simple, yet add so much to the room!

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