A Trip to the Rebecca Ray Sample Sale

About a month ago I discovered a new designer; Rebecca Ray.

I was more shocked than usual about the gorgeous things I had been missing because it turns out the Rebecca Ray Designs headquarters were not far from where I live. So when Rebecca Ray announced her sample sale a couple of weeks ago, I had to come & brought Tina along with me.

I met the fabulous Rebecca Ray herself & she gave us a tour of the place.

We started in the back where all the shipping & storage of the gorgeous items takes place. I just love the Maryann totes, but as one of my Facebook fans already said, “how do you just pick one color?” 

There were bins filled with key f0bs & these pretty snaffle bit bracelets. Although Rebecca Ray does keep a very low supply of in stock items.Rebecca Ray also does a lot of custom awards for various horse shows & associations.

Vintage post cards.

These vintage jewelry pieces were from the sample sale.

There were lots of pretty bags & totes.

Cute dogs & pretty horses adorned lots of pieces.

Tina picked up two pillows & a dog collar for Cody.

I asked Cody to model his dog collar for me.

He said no.

I picked up a pink cosmetic bag, isn’t it lovely?

I think we had quite the successful trip.

I took a lot of photos… more than I could upload here so I will add the rest of them to my Pinterest boards later so make sure you follow me on Pinterest!

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3 comments on “A Trip to the Rebecca Ray Sample Sale
  1. Sharon says:

    Laughing at Cody and his ‘I am not a style blogger’ facial expression 🙂
    Nice makeup bag. I also like her necklaces.

  2. Phil Taylor says:

    Picture #1 of Cody is what I tend to look like most mornings! lol
    Nice post – some interesting items here.

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