Vincent Peach Steals the Show

Vincent Peach necklace

Quality materials and craftsmanship combine to create Vincent Peach jewelry. Vincent Peach is a Nashville based artisan and jewelry designer who focuses on creating one of a kind fine jewelry. Vincent uses pearls, fine gemstones, diamonds, metals, and other organic elements to create his stunning pieces.

I recently connected with the brand on Instagram and they were nice enough to gift me this necklace and earrings. There are many different collections including an Equestrian and Southwest inspired sets. My horse bit necklace is made out of braided leather and features the softest deerskin fringe at the bottom. I can dress it up or down – each time I wear it out, it receives many compliments.

Vincent Peach pearl earrings

Beautiful freshwater pearls and deerskin fringe make up these stunning earrings. Vincent Peach freshwater pearl earrings

Neutral tones allow these pieces (and all of Vincent Peach jewelry) to be worn alone or separate.

Vincent Peach equestrian style

Below are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry by Vincent Peach.

western and equestrian jewelry by Vincent Peach

Visit to see more wonderful pieces.

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