Wedding Bliss in Santorini, Greece

Wedding with a view, Santorini, GreeceThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll keep this short and let the photos do the talking. After a couple of weeks of bliss celebrating a wedding and honeymoon in Europe I decided to share a few favorite photos from the trip. Our wedding was on June 7th and was a truly magical experience, our photographer Ioanis Triandafilis did such a wonderful job taking our photos. Everything took place on and around the Heliotopos Hotel property overlooking the sea. We also have to say thank you to Lila for coordinating everything for us!  

The Greek island Santorini is a beautiful place known for its sunsets, picturesque views and white washed structures. If you ever get a chance to go to Greece, I highly recommend it and have a feeling that Adam and I will be back some day. Enjoy the photos!Wedding table in Santorini, GreeceThe handsome groom waiting for his bride in Santorini, GreeceExchanging ringsBeautiful wedding in Santorini, GreeceThe happy wedding coupleWedding photos in Santorini, GreeceThe newly weds in Santorini, GreeceThe lovely couple in Santorini, GreeceWedding photos from Santorini, GreecePerfect wedding photos in Santorini, GreeceSunset wedding photos in Santorini, GreecePerfect sunset wedding photos in Santorini, Greece                                                                                     Photo credits: Ioanis Triandafilis

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16 comments on “Wedding Bliss in Santorini, Greece
  1. NC Cowgirl says:

    OMG these pictures are soooooo amazing and beautiful and just plain awesome!!! Congrats to you and the Mr.!! 🙂

  2. Jessica says:

    So beautiful!

  3. Sarrah M says:

    I absolutely love all these pictures! You make such a beautiful bride! Congratulations to you and Adam! Best wishes to you both! 🙂

  4. Paula walker says:

    Well this is all just too bad!! You know I’m kidding of course….. That sunset photo of you two is stunning. How lucky, creative, and beautiful you and EVERYYHING else is. Your dress is gorgeous, the setting is out of THIS (read my) world , literally, and a proper wedding and honeymoon all the way around. At least you didn’t go with the new disgusting trend of you and all your maids bearing your bare butts (yes, nothing, not even a thong) to the camera. A whole different class of wedding and so refreshing. It leads one to believe that surely a ceremony celebrated with this much respect will be a very successful union!! All the best!!!!

    • Raquel Lynn says:

      Hey Paula! Thank you so much for the compliments. You know what’s crazy, I had never heard of that bare butt trend/tradition but after you posted this comment I saw a photo on Facebook talking about it! It does exist, lol. That is too funny!

  5. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing. Every one a favorite! Absolutely gorgeous – so happy for you both!

  6. Now I know why you chose those cute pink shoes you showed us previously. LOVE your pink wedding dress. What a magical setting for your wedding. Thanks for sharing, I’ve been anxiously awaiting.

  7. Teresa says:

    Exquisite! And as Carole said, “magical”…a gorgeous couple…what a beautiful bride! Love, love, love these photos, but love you so much more!

    Enjoying your blog….

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