Winter Weather Approved: Dubarry Boots

Dubarry boots are stylish and chic equestrian boots for all seasons. Dubarry Boots

Winter can be rough & while we all want to look fabulous there are days that “dressing for the elements” takes over fashion, I say have both!

Today I’m sharing Tina’s Dubarry Boots that she picked up after Quarter Horse Congress. She had been wanting a pair for a while & finally took the plunge & bought them. They are warm, waterproof & fabulous. Consider this an official outfit post from Tina, I wonder if she will even know it’s up here. You see, Tina isn’t social media friendly (but I’m working on that) & she doesn’t always check the blog.

Dubarry Boots

These boots are extremely durable & great for any outdoors lover. Don’t get me started on the awesome clothes, bags, & other accessories that Dubarry of Ireland has. The clothing is going to appeal more to english riders but sometimes we all need a little plaid or tweed in our lives.

Winter warmth

Oh hi, Tina! This would be her casual Dubarry look.

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One comment on “Winter Weather Approved: Dubarry Boots
  1. Danielle says:

    LOVE Durbarry’s entire line! When I finally get a pair of their boots, it will be in the same color combination that Tina chose. I looked at them for a *really* long time at Equine Affaire lol

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