Wonderful Wall Art

Sea Foam Mini Faux Deer HeadI have a mild obsession with wall art in the animal form, faux of course. White Faux Taxidermy is one of my favorite places to look for deer heads, skulls & other “wild life”. I’m still deciding what & what color, but eventually one of these beauties will be mine. WFT can customize a piece for you in any color you would like so the possibilities are endless. These would go perfectly with my ‘Western Modern Glam‘ Pinterest board inspirations.

Gold Longhorn Resin CowGold Longhorn Skull.

Turquoise Buffalo-Bison Skull

Turquoise Buffalo/Bison Skull.

Bronze Buffalo HeadBronze Bison Head.

Faux Black Horse HeadBlack Horse Head.

Faux Green Elephant HeadGreen Elephant Head.

Faux White Ram HeadGold & White Ram Head.

Faux Moose HeadPink & White Moose Head.

All images from WFT online

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One comment on “Wonderful Wall Art
  1. Weekend Cowgirl says:

    I want them all! I love faux antlers along with the real ones…

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