Wrangler Jean Style: A Look for Everyday
Wrangler Jeans
Let’s talk about jeans!

The denim world has come a long way & so has Wrangler’s collection of jeans. Today’s feature is brought to you by Cavender’s, they have an amazing selection of Wranglers. You can find all of the jeans featured here today online or perhaps in store if you are lucky enough to have a Cavender’s close by.

Whether you are looking to ride, get drinks with the girls, go grocery shopping in style or just want to rock a casual look, there is a pair of Wranglers for everyone. Pictured above are a couple of my favorites; I have the red Booty Up jeans & love them, I wear them out all the time & love the crystal details on the pockets. On the left are the Rock 47 jeans with Ginger Sprinkles – great pockets there too.


Wrangler Jean Style

The blue Booty Up jeans are a nice spin on classic jeans & the Rock 47 line of Wrangler jeans look very sharp.


Wrangler Jean Style
If fancy pockets aren’t your thing Wrangler has plenty of jeans that feature a “cleaner look”. Sometimes less is more & these denim choices could easily become one of your go to wardrobe staples.
Wrangler Jean Style

I like to wear darker washed jeans when I go out. From left to right- The Aura Tinsel Town slimming style, Rock 47 Cool Yule & Aura Turquoise Tinted slimming style, I like the Aura styles. Of course Cavender’s has cute boots as well & while your jeans are your base the look you create all depends on what you pair them with.


*This post was sponsored by Cavender’s

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5 comments on “Wrangler Jean Style: A Look for Everyday
  1. Have never done red jeans, but they surely are cute!!!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the tutorial on jeans, Raquel! I never realized that pockets could be so decorative, or actually serve a design function in an overall look. . .mine have always just held stuff. . .bailing twine, pocket knife, hoof pick! Guess you can figure out pretty easily what my wardrobe looks like, eh? BOOOOORINGGGGGGG 😉

  3. jc says:

    Those red jeans, oh my!

  4. Tracy says:

    I usually stick to darker jeans myself too. They look much dressier and it doesn’t hurt that they are also slimming. I absolutely love that third pair of boots. I have been considering getting a pair like them for a while now.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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