I don’t really like to make resolutions, I break them. Or I make the following resolutions;

1. I promise to eat more chocolate.

2. I will add more glitter to things.

3. I will encourage shopping & turn my readers into shopaholics.

4. I will refuse to give up carbs.

5. I will never leave the house in my pajamas.

6. I will continue to believe that my shopping is just my way of contributing to our economy.

7. I will continue to believe that all ugly tack should be banned from horse shows, & that you should never put clashing colors on your horse.

8. I will never give up cupcakes or ice cream.

9. I will adopt a Chihuahua at some point during the course of this year (sorry bf & sorry Tara)

10. I will continue to smile at rude people, it confuses them.

Done, doing it, & I will definitely do it.

I’m more of a goal oriented person anyways I always go with the goal route for the new year. In fact I make goals monthly, weekly & daily. I might be a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to structure & organization but hey someone has to be!

A couple of goals for the blog this year – Double readership & monthly page views! I like the sound of that, Horses & Heels is going strong & I started it just over a year ago. I remember when only 14 people visited it a day when it first started! Thank you friends : ) Get a better camera. Do more giveaways & more outfit posts!

I have lots of training & barrel racing goals with Rumor & she already knows what these are, we discussed them in the barn last night.

Oh & by the way, Tara says she has no goals for 2012. She believes she is perfect in every way ; )

What are some of you goals or resolutions for 2012?

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4 comments on “2012 Goals, Not to be Confused with Resolutions
  1. Sharon says:

    I have made blog goals and business goals and personal goals. I plan on achieving 99 percent of them or die trying.
    Blog: build readership, comment more, interact more, (to name 3)
    Business: To build brand, income, expand (to name 3)
    Personal: Travel more, eat healthier (though I am not giving up cupcakes or ice-cream either), and exercise (to name 3)

    I have a vision board/ notebook full of ideas but these are the basics.

    P.s. Everyone should have the goal to never leave the house in their pjs.

    May you have a wonderful and healthy 2012.

    • Raquel says:

      Go get them Sharon! I love all of your goals, I think we do think a lot alike when it comes to planning & making new goals. Happy New Year!

  2. Amanda says:

    I completely agree with having New Year goals! What a great way to start the year. I think Tara’s right, she looks pretty perfect 😉

    I really like you’re 6 and 7, 7 Especially!!!
    My goals are to effectively break my 3 year old, keep all 4 horses legged up and sane, become a better roper and not be offended when I smile at ride people and they simply glare back!
    Blog goal: Hmm, to actually have 10 followers 😉 , post much more often and better my writing in every way.

    Thanks for sharing! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • Raquel says:

      : ) Thanks Amanda!

      It sounds like you have your work cut out for you on the horse end! Four is a lot of hours in the saddle but you will be in amazing shape!

      What’s your blog? I’m always looking for new sites to check out?

      Happy New Year to you!!

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