3 Easy Equestrian DIYs

3 Easy Equine DIYs

3 Easy Equestrian DIYs

Looking for an easy DIY you can do in a weekend? I have three of them for you; Horse Show Ribbon Folders, Glitter Striped Clipboard and Running Horse Stamp Art. These are just a few little projects I did in the last few months and haven’t had time to share.


DIY Horse Show Ribbon Folders

DIY Horse Show Ribbon Folders 

Easy to make with blank folders, a few ribbons and some glue. Scissors are optional. Get creative with colors and don’t be afraid to dismantle your ribbons to make a statement folder you can take with you.

Love horse show ribbon DIYs? Check out 16 Uses for Horse Show Ribbons.


DIY Clip Board

Glitter Striped Clipboard

All you need is glitter, Mod Podge, a plain clipboard, paint, painters tape (for straight lines) and a sticker (optional but recommended for maximum cuteness). Pick out a color scheme and use painters tape to make your lines. Fill in with paint and glitter. Use Mod Podge to adhere the glitter to your surface. I had a horse sticker which I painted black and added it to the corner. Goodbye boring clipboard!


DIY Horse Art

DIY Running Horse Stamp Art

Make beautiful art from stamps! Buy stamps (or make your own like I did) and stamp up some paper for impressive and easy art. Bonus points if you can find a cool frame for your project.

Have fun and get creative!

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5 comments on “3 Easy Equestrian DIYs
  1. Jessica says:

    These crafts are adorable. I love the clipboard!

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