5 Ways to Get More from Your Living Space

Small use to be a word that wasn’t popular when it came to describing a home or room. Fast forward to the tiny house trend and small space living, it’s all the rage. Kick the notion that small spaces can’t be fully utilized to the curb with the tips and tricks below!

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Organization is of key importance to having an enjoyable living space, and can make it seem like you have much more space than you really do. Pick organizational methods that don’t take up a lot of room, like hanging shoe racks for the back of your door or plastic stackable bins for miscellaneous items. HGTV even has an entire article about ways to organize your closet, which can be really useful since smaller and more cramped areas tend to make the rest of your home feel overwhelmed if they aren’t taken care of.

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Of course, when organization alone isn’t enough, you may wish to consider minimalizing your items. This can be difficult for some people, especially those who like to hold on to things even if they don’t have an immediate use or need for them. However, once you begin to see more space getting cleared out, you could find this to be very freeing. Not to mention the fact that you can donate items that you no longer need, giving them a home where someone else can get more use out of them. Stretch out and enjoy all that extra space you now have, knowing that you’ve given someone a gift in the process.

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Use Colors to Your Advantage

Bustle has a list of helpful tricks and tips if you’re looking to create the illusion that you have more space than you do. The way you paint your room has an effect on the room’s perceived size. For example, painting the walls black or keeping the overall room color scheme pure white will create a larger room to the human eye. Adding visual “distractions” like stripes or an accent wall can achieve the same effect, as can painting the ceiling a lighter color than the walls themselves. You may even consider going all out and matching your furniture and decor to the color of the walls, which will make the entire room seem much more open, cohesive, and spacious.

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Focus On Countertops

In the kitchen and bathrooms of your home, the countertops can make a huge difference. Even if you don’t have a large space to work with, you can maximize your space and better organize your kitchen or bathroom by purchasing the right kind of material for your counters. Granite, for example, can give even a small room a very luxurious look. It’s also a durable material to build with, so you don’t have to worry about treating your counters like they’re made of glass every time you set down a pot or hair dryer.

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Get Strategic with Furniture

Most people consider furniture size or amount, but the placement of your furniture can also have a huge impact on the spaciousness of your room. Try different combinations or layouts to see where you can put couches, chairs, desks, or other large pieces of furniture in a way to maximize floor space and visually open up the room that you’re in. For example, placing chairs in room corners is a good way to give smaller rooms a bigger walking area. Every room interacts with the unique furniture within it differently, so some experimentation may be necessary.

And there you have it! Five ways to work with the space you have, even if you may think it’s too small. Once you give some or even all of these steps a try, you may find that you actually have much more room than you first thought.

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