My birthday was over a month ago, one of my presents or should I say Rumor’s present just arrived. It’s a long story but it got lost in the mail & finally made it! I was ecstatic, perhaps Rumor is too but she doesn’t show it.

In fact she was a very uncooperative model, also please forgive the winter fuzz.
She is shedding, but not fast enough.

Here is Rumor’s new halter by 5J Custom Tack (update 5J Custom Tack is no longer in business)

It’s blue, it sparkles, it matches her eyes.

Blue crocodile with clear & blue swarovski crystals

Does your horse or pet have any new spring purchases?
  • Suzie Salmon

    Your horse has bling too?!! Your rock Raquel!!!

  • Raquel

    Why yes she does & thank you : ) you can never have too much!

  • Roberto Fioravanti

    Lovely blog 🙂
    come on my site
    i wait you

  • Grace

    this is going to sound stupid…I didnt know horses could have blue eyes. lol 🙂

  • Vanesa

    Ohhh! your horse is beautiful… and his present it,s cute.


  • Raquel

    Oh well they do Grace. It is not nearly as common as brown so that is why you probably have never seen them : )

  • Krizia
  • mas raden

    wow beautiful horse. . keep on..
    thanks for sharing

  • sixthirtythree

    Pretty! I've never seen a blue-eyed horse.

  • Sisters and Sisters

    thanks honey, I never do sam

    I never do someting whit my nails hihih
    love your post, I'm jealous of your horses !!

  • Sharon

    Lovely Halter. Beautiful Horse . . .look at her eyes.