$8 Date in Palm Springs, California


Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs, California is fun day date! 


Moorten Botanical Garden

Last month for the 4th of July Adam, Mango and I went to Palm Springs for the weekend. I had been wanting to go ever since moving to California and loved everything about it (minus the 110 degree temperatures). We stayed at the colorful Saguaro hotel and enjoyed checking out the quaint downtown and mountain views.

One of our stops was Moorten Botanical Garden, a historical landmark established in 1938 in Palm Springs. The garden is definitely a must see especially if you are into cacti plants and desert life. It’s only $4 per person and Adam said it was our “$8 date in Palm Springs”. When is the last time you had a date for just $8? Afterwards you can go over to Koffi for an ice cold drink or head to the downtown area, which is a few minutes away.

You can take your own tour through the garden with tons of cacti plants and learn all about them. They also have plants available for purchase and you can book the garden for private events like weddings.

Cactus Plant

I had never seen so many beautiful cacti plants in my life before.

Moorten Botanical Garden located in Palm Springs, California

In front of the yard and house for private events and weddings.

Golden Barrel Cacti Plants Moorten Botanical GardenHillside of Giant Golden Barrel Cacti.

Cacti Plants and Rock Garden in Palm Springs

Rocks and cacti landscaping.

Plants for sale at Moorten Botanical Garden

A few of the plants and cacti available for purchase at Moorten Botanical Garden.

Moorten Botanical Garden in Palm Springs, California

Tall palm trees and cacti are my favorite!

Moorten Botanical Garden Cacti in Palm Springs

Say hello to these beauties.

Inside the Moorten Botanical Garden green house

My favorite part of the garden was the greenhouse filled with smaller plants.

Moorten Botanical Garden cacti plants in the green house

The collection and variety of cacti was awesome to see.

Moorten Botanical Garden small cacti plants in the green house

Moorten Botanical Garden green house

Be careful where you walk, these cacti plants aren’t shy. Adam hit is head with a plant hanging from the ceiling!

Moorten Botanical Garden inside the green houseMoorten Botanical Garden cacti plants in terracotta pots

I would suggest going earlier in the morning to the garden if you are planning a trip, it gets really hot fast.
Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium

Have you been to Palm Springs before? Or have you been to Moorten Botanical Garden?

Photos by Raquel


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