Anderson Bean Blue Dakota Cowboy Boots

Anderson Bean Blue Dakota Cowboy Boots

*Update these boots are no longer in stock at PFI Western Store, contact them to see if you can customer order through Anderson Bean.

Are these boots beautiful or what? I think they are begging to come to my house.

These are Anderson Bean’s Blue Dakota cowboy boots, a PFI Western Store BootDaddy exclusive. The turquoise & blue accents really make this boot pop.

 Anderson Bean Blue Dakota Cowboy Boot

My favorite part is this toe; it has double stitching outlining the blue with a unique diamond design. These boots are perfect for spring & summer. You could wear them out to the barn & dress them up at night-time. Speaking of Anderson Bean, I’m heading to Houston this Thursday to catch up with them while they are at Rodeo Houston. I could not be more excited, Houston here I come! Be sure to follow me on Instagram because I know I will be taking a lot of photos & of course will have my camera in hand as well. User name – horsesandheelsofficial on Instagram.

Boots are from PFI Western Store.

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2 comments on “Anderson Bean Blue Dakota Cowboy Boots
  1. karen says:

    Really, really pretty boots!

  2. Paula Walker says:


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