Approximate Notions Pillows

Traveler pillow by Approximate Notions Just about everyone can appreciate some nice home decor & a little equestrian flare is in right now, no matter what kind of lifestyle you live. I stumbled upon Approximate Notions on Facebook & had to share these gorgeous equestrian pillows.

Bucephalus pillow by Approximate Notions The pillow cases are heavy linen which gives them a rustic appeal & they come in a variety of colors & can also be personalized with your initials or whatever else you please.

Atlantis pillow by Approximate Notions Approximate Notions also makes valances & a couple of other accessories.

Impulsion pillow by Approximate Notions If you want to see more from Approximate Notions, be sure to follow them on Facebook. The style & the look of these pillows are elegant & classy. The perfect way to dress up any room.

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