Bright & Bold Gold with Givenchy


Because it’s two days until Christmas & because these boots shine so bright…. I had to share. Givenchy made their metallic gold cowboy boots with the city streets in mind. These boots are not made for riding or real cowgirls but they are pretty to look at. You would be the talk of any Christmas or New Year’s Eve party with these babies.

*Updated as of September 2015, these boots are no longer available. Try your own Google search or check eBay!


Givenchy’s boots are knee-high & oh so fierce.


The real question is, if price was not an issue – would you rock these?

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8 comments on “Bright & Bold Gold with Givenchy
  1. paulaewalker says:

    You darn right I would!! Absolutely hands down. And actually they look VERY well made. Almost ride able like, the sole looks attached very sturdily and except for the finish of course, they very well could be ride able……maybe??? I haven’t looked at the price yet tho..haha!! That will tell the tale.

  2. paulaewalker says:

    Oh well, so I DID look up the price. But the good news is they’ve marked them down 400 buckaroo’s.

  3. paulaewalker says:

    So I haven’t ckd today….ya think they’re any less post-Christmas?? Willing to bet?? I can’t stand it I have to ck. Surely Givenchy doesn’t succumb to the same price dropping standards as the rest of the normal retail world??!!

  4. paulaewalker says:

    Haha!! No post Christmas markdown for Givenchy!!!

  5. The new logo looks great!

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