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Classy CrossRoads Boutique Cowboy Boots

Above, the boot selection at Classy CrossRoads Boutique from their store spotlight.

Welcome to Horses & Heels and my FIRST blog post! I have been wearing cowboy boots since I was a little girl, they come with the territory of riding horses. An obsession with beautiful boots, high quality leather and bold designs started early in life. Being raised in Ohio, it’s the place you find lots of horses and agriculture but not good boots. Sure, there are tack stores with cowboy boots but the brands are basic and the quality you might find is below average (in my opinion) Thank goodness for the internet, right?

My eyes quickly discovered an array of beautiful brands and styles. The importance of quality boots is extremely important to me and you won’t find cheap brands or boots featured on this blog. I have been lucky enough to be able to tour the cowboy boot factories of Anderson Bean, Rios of Mercedes and Olathe Boot Company to learn how cowboy boots should be made.

Here at Horses & Heels, I can promise you will find lots of cowboy boots I’ll post a new boot feature almost every Monday along with tips for buying cowboy boots, identifying quality boots, new boot collections, my boot crushes and so much more. Have a question about finding a pair of boots? Or looking for a certain brand? Send me an email and I will do my best to help you track them down. I’ve updated this post since originally posting it with some popular and noteworthy posts below.

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My Favorite Brands:

Anderson Bean 


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