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Cowhide Chairs and Home Decor | Horses & Heels
It’s no secret that I adore all things cowhide. Can you blame me? I personally love a mix of cowhide accents with modern glam. I featured Cowhide Rugs: 17 Ways previously and thought it was time for a follow-up post on cowhide chairs. Here are ten inspiring spaces featuring cowhide chairs all found on To see the original image on Houzz, just click on any of the photos.
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A modern contemporary dining room with cowhide chairs.
A corner bedroom space with a cowhide chair.
A contemporary family room featuring two cowhide chairs.
A rustic bedroom with cowhide chairs and accent pillows.
A comfortable looking lounge chair in an eclectic family room.
Bright and contemporary bedroom with rustic accents.
A home office with industrial touches and a modern cowhide chair.
A beautiful dining room with six lovely cowhide chairs.
Modern and contemporary living room in the city.
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6 comments on “Cowhide Chairs + Inspiring Spaces
  1. Amber Rhodes says:

    Just a little bit of it in a room looks good. I was never sure about it until I saw these photos. If I ever see a unobtrusive cowhide chair I might have to snap it up!

  2. Well of course, I love this post Raquel. And here are 12+ more examples that I published in an article called “How To Rock Cowhide…In Any Decor”

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