How to Create a Welcoming Entryway at Home

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a perfectly styled entryway The entryway of a home is the first place guests and family members will see when they walk inside. It should make a statement, express your personality, and still be functional. Style + function are not just fun words to say together, they are essential for the space. I’m sharing a few helpful tips from Making a Grand Entrance: Your Entryway Says It All. Check out CORT for all of your furniture needs.

Actually Create an Entryway

Some homes have a nice long hallway, mudroom, or other space that is a defined entrance. If you don’t have this, make one by adding the proper furniture and accessories. Wall hooks, baskets, and appropriately sized furniture can create the entryway zone.

Add a statement worthy piece

Pick out a oversized piece of art, a mirror, or console that is extra special. This one piece makes the area feel grand and luxurious.

Small spaces can be amazing

Don’t let a small area limit you in your decorating. Carefully curate the entryway with pieces that are flattering and proportionate. Mirrors help give the appearance of a larger space, acrylic furniture is great for small areas. Be sure to eliminate any unnecessary clutter from the area. Use unique storage boxes and baskets to hide keys, change, and wallets.  A plant is a good accessory for an entryway but there are better options – use sunglasses, your favorite handbags, and shoes to style a polished space. DIY accent wall, steer skull, sheepskin stools, and cactus

Learn more helpful tips about furniture and decorating by visiting the CORT blog.

Photos from my old apartment in Silver  Lake, Los Angeles

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