DIY: Decorative Jars

DIY decorative equine topped jars

Organization brings me peace. I made these cute horse themed decorative jars to organize markers, pens & pencils. Before I made these, everything was thrown in a shoe box in one of my file cabinets – talk about not pretty. But the end result is so chic & this is probably the easiest DIY EVER!

Supplies Needed

Assorted jars with matching lids – You can buy jars from the store or save jars from food, wash & clean them & do a little repurposing! I used pickle jars (they have a wide advantage) & spaghetti sauce jars.

Spray paint in a color or colors of your choice, I used Krylon spray paint in brilliant gold.

Plastic toy horses (or other objects). I was originally going to get cute decorative knobs from Anthropologie.

Super glue


DIY fancy jar toppers with toy horses and spray paintFirst you will need to decide what color you want your horses & lids to be. While I love the look of gold, adding an unexpected color like white or blue turned out very nice. It could be fun to have an assortment of different colors.

If your horses & lids are going to be the same color, simply add a tiny bit of super glue to the bottom of your horses’ feet & stick them to the lid. Let them sit for an hour & then come back & spray paint them as one piece.

If you want your horse & lids to be different colors, spray paint each item separately & once both pieces are completely dry, use a tiny bit of super glue to attach the horse to the lid. *When I say a little super glue, I mean a little – it’s powerful & you don’t want excess glue to be on the lid because it doesn’t look neat.


Rearing gold horses top this fun jarIn case you are wondering where my toy horses came from, did anyone else play with farm set as a child? I LOVED my farm set! I had a variety of different horses to choose from like these rearing horses & they were the perfect size. Or try the toy section at the Dollar Store if you don’t have any old toys that you can get into.


DIY horse topped decorative jarsAnd there you have it, easy, chic & fun jars for your home or office. Storage possibilities are endless & I have a feeling I’m going to be making more jars soon!

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8 comments on “DIY: Decorative Jars
  1. ak says:

    very cool!

  2. Sarah St McGoodbody says:

    So cool! Can’t wait to give this a go!

  3. Queen in Heels says:

    I love this!! Super cute. I am saving some mason jars that I think are too nice to trash and this would be such an awesome way to use them. The perfect idea for my home office space.

  4. Lindsey says:

    My daughter wants a horse themed birthday party and I’m making these as decorations. Also, as favors, I’m doing this to half cup mason jars filled with candies! Love love love this!

  5. paulaewalker says:

    Love the jar lids. Don’t know how I missed that one but just now saw it. Too cute!!! Speaking of painting little horses, I probably would have to use my trusty nail polish on them!! I’ve even started using the shellac polish on trinket boxes and stuff that will fit under the LED light!!!

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