DIY: Faux Marble IKEA Tray

DIY Faux Marble IKEA Tray | Horses & Heels


Sometimes stylish and cheap is the answer (emphasis on sometimes)! The IKEA KLACK tray is a cheap and simple tray with endless possibilities. Trays keep clutter looking fabulous and always come in handy all the time. While I was at IKEA being treated to a few presents from my husband last month, we decided to pick up the KLACK tray.

The inspiration for the faux marble came from some glitzy quartz knobs from Anthropologie (more on that later) and the current entryway project. Check out A Well Styled Entryway for my initial inspiration. This project was so easy and can be done in just a couple of days.

Supplies for your DIY Faux Marble Tray: 

IKEA KLACK Tray – Buy here > 

Faux marble contact paper – Buy Here >

Paint (optional but recommended).

*Other tools include scissors, screw driver or drill and a paint brush if you decide to paint your tray.

1. Use a screw driver or electric drill to remove one side of the wood tray handles and separate the bottom piece.

2. Cut out a piece of marble contact paper slightly larger than the bottom. Remove the marble backing and stick to the tray face up. Smooth out an bubbles with your hands. I found it was easiest to peel the marble contact paper and put it sticky side up on the floor and bring my tray top to the paper. Don’t worry if you don’t line things up perfectly the first try because you can lift and adjust the contact paper until you get a perfect fit.

3. Trim away overlapping edges with a pair of small scissors.

4. Pick out a paint color and paint the wooden pieces. Allow them to dry overnight before assembling the tray. If you plan on using your tray a lot of carrying it around a clear layer of varnish should be used to prevent chipping. Again all of this is optional and completely up to you.

5. Put you tray back together again! While this sounds simple, it was honestly the most frustrating part of the whole process. I had a blonde moment and painted the inner grooves of my KLACK tray and the fit was a tiny bit smaller making the assembly a pain. Don’t do what I did and you should be fine though!

Stylish DIY Faux Marble IKEA Tray

Tray purposes are endless! From breakfast trays to coffee table or entryway pieces they look great anywhere.

Stylish DIY Faux Marble IKEA Tray and Mango

Even Mango approves.

DIY Easy Faux Marble IKEA Tray

Planning on making your own tray? Snap a pic and share it on Instagram with hashtag #HorsesandHeels

Have fun!

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