DIY: Faux Sheepskin Stool


red high heels and english riding helmetI have such a simple & fun DIY project to show you, it’s actually more like a makeover for a sad little footstool. Above is my styled end result. Below is what my dad dropped off, he knows that I’m always on the lookout for furniture or projects so he said I could have it, or throw it away. old stool beforeYes, this footstool had probably been around the block & looked very dated to me. It was nothing that a little paint & fabric couldn’t fix. I wanted to create a modern looking piece so I knew immediately that I would use dark paint & since I LOVE textured fabric I decided that this would look super chic with some faux sheepskin.

metallic glaze Martha Stewart paintI had some Martha Stewart paint left from an old project that I decide to use. I started with painting the legs first – since I was planning on covering up the existing fabric I knew it would be okay if I accidentally got paint on the old fabric. an old stool beforeOnce it had been painted & completely dried, it was time to cover it in fabric. I picked up one yard of faux sheepskin from Jo Anne fabrics for just $16.00 & I have a lot of leftover fabric (pillows down the road maybe)? DIY faux sheepskin stoolI cut the fabric to fit the size I needed & left a little extra. I glued everything down with fabric Mod Podge but you would staple it or use any type of glue that you preferred. cowboy boots and heels on a DIY faux sheepskin stoolI had to accessorize the finished product…. my footstool is going to be purely decorative (no feet allowed) on this fabric please! accessories and DIY faux sheepskin stoolAnd done! Accessorized with a book, an old riding helmet & some red suede Guess stilettos.

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