DIY: Kentucky Derby Clutch

DIY Gold Horse ClutchAs you may already know, I love all things gold and glittery. This Glitz Box Clutch is amazing and I wish I could take all of the credit but it was the result of a collaboration between Darby Smart and Cathy of Trinkets In Bloom. Darby Smart is one of my favorite new DIY sites – they come up with awesome projects and send the DIY supplies to you in box. It’s perfect for a person who might not want to venture out to the store and gather their own supplies or a DIY newbie. Plus you can purchase supplies from them in their shop and get lots of inspiration.

When I saw this Kentucky Derby and Kate Spade inspired box clutch, I knew I had to purchase a kit and make my own!

DIY Gold Horse Clutch kit suppliesAll of the supplies pictured above were shipped to my door along with instructions. I decided to spray paint my clear clutch with gold paint and then used Mod Podge and gold glitter to glam up my plastic horse. I attached it to the side on the clutch but you could place it on the top. You also could spray paint the plastic horse and glitter the clutch with Mod Podge for a more opaque look.

It takes about 90 minutes to complete this project or you can space it out over a couple of days. Just make sure everything is completely dry before touching it and always spray paint in a well ventilated and dust free area. You don’t want dust particles flying into the fresh paint. Not pictured above is painter’s tape – I taped off the top of my clutch box to leave it clear. Remember the supplies and instructions are there for guidance but make this fun little accessories your own.

DIY Gold Horse Clutch and ribbonsThe end result is a fashion forward clutch. Take it with you for a day at the races betting on horses, a night out on the town or to a Kentucky Derby party. DIY Gold Horse Clutch and equestrian accessoriesRemember to check out Darby Smart for lots of other cool projects and a little DIY inspiration.


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6 comments on “DIY: Kentucky Derby Clutch
  1. AK says:

    very cool!!!

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  3. Ayvee says:

    This is such a neat project! I am thinking about doing this. Could you please share how you spray painted the clutch? Did you spray from the inside or did you to both outside and inside? Did you protect the metal part or did you spray paint that too? Your advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for sharing this project! Best wishes, Ayvee

    • Raquel Lynn says:

      Hi Ayvee, thanks for stopping by! I only spray painted the outside of the clutch. Make sure you do a couple of thin and even coats – give the spray paint a good shaking before using. I used a little bit of painters tape to protect the metal.

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