DIY: Kilty Bracelets

DIY Kilty BraceletsHappy Friday! Last week I was cleaning out the boot closet & Tina & I found my old kilties attached to an equally old pair of lace up boots. Did you wear lace up boots when you were younger? Naturally I had a pair of barrel racer kilties & now I have no use for them so I decided to make a DIY bracelet & repurpose them. 


Barrel racer kilty The kilty. 

Supplies Needed: 

1 pair of kilties (go through your old boots, thrifts stores & if you strike out – they still make & sell them online)

Assorted leather rope in a variety of colors


*Creativity & any other supplies you would like! 

There are so many options for making your own bracelets & I hope to just inspire you to get creative & wanted to share what I did. 

DIY western kilty wrap bracelet

My first bracelet was a simple leather wrap DIY made with red leather. I opted to tie mine in the back but you can also get a clasp for yours if you would like. 

DIY red leather kilty wrap bracelet

I thought about adding some beads but I ended up liking the simplicity without. braided DIY kilty bracelet

My second bracelet was braided with tan, red & turquoise leather. 

*Tip – bend the kilty a little bit so it curves to fit around your wrist, it will stay in place & center better if you do this. 

DIY braided kilty braceletSo if you find yourself with having a few extra minutes this weekend, try seeing if you have the supplies on hand to make some cute bracelets!

If you end up making some, post them on Instagram & tag them with #horsesandheels – I will share them!  

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3 comments on “DIY: Kilty Bracelets
  1. NC Cowgirl says:

    Is this also a first look at your new ring?!?! Gorgeous!

  2. Weekend Cowgirl says:

    Very cute project! Love the photos- ring is not bad either!!!!!!

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