DIY: Ribbon Floral Arrangement

DIY Ribbon Floral ArrangementI have a quick spring DIY project for you! Turn a display of flowers into an equestrian center piece by adding a few colorful ribbon heads on sticks. Tulips are in abundance this time of year at the market and grocery stores so I picked up a beautiful bunch to display. Creating the ribbon decor on a stick is easy and you can reference how to do it in this DIY: Ribbon Decor post.

Tulip Arrangement on a vintage stoolSure, plain tulips do look nice….
DIY Ribbon Floral Arrangement in a VaseBut they look even better with my ribbons! Use different colored ribbons or flowers for themed parties, events or just because!


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3 comments on “DIY: Ribbon Floral Arrangement
  1. Jessica says:

    A very pretty and unique idea.

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