DIY Serape Shower Curtain

DIY serape shower curtain made from an old blanket

Do you ever get a new home accessory and wonder how you lived so long without it? This is how I felt about my serape shower curtain. I lived in Silver Lake for almost a year before adding this vibrant shower curtain. Once it was done, I marveled at the transformation and wished I had done it sooner.

The whole project cost me under $20 to make with a couple challenges along the way. The end result was well worth it.

DIY serape shower curtain made from an old blanketOur apartment is very white. I love the clean slate this provides for decorating, but it can look a little bit sterile at times. Not any more! I’ve infused the bathroom with a little Southwest style. DIY serape shower curtain made from an old blanket and cactus in the bathroom

Is anyone else obsessed with plants in bathrooms? I put this cactus in here for the photos, but I really want to keep it in the bathroom now.

DIY serape shower curtain supplies

Lets jump into the DIY! You will need one serape blanket. You can find these on Amazon, Etsy, and at your local flea markets. I picked mine up for $10 at the Rose Bowl Flea in Pasadena. Measure your existing shower curtain before hand, there is no standard size for serape blankets.

The second thing you need is a grommet kit. It’s under $10 on Amazon and I’ve linked to the exact kit I purchased. You’ll also need a hammer and scissors.

serape blanket

I realized after I started working that I wouldn’t need a measuring tape. I lined my blanket up with the old shower curtain and used that as a guide for punching my holes. The grommet kit comes with instructions for punching them in. It’s very easy – however the serape blanket is pretty thick. I needed to use scissors to remove the center fabric from the grommet. This was an additional and unexpected step. I had to hammer a lot harder than expected, punching in the holes was a little tedious.

DIY serape shower curtain made from an old blanket

The end result looks great and I quickly forgot about the struggles when it was done. I paired the curtain with a gray sheepskin rug from World Market.

gray sheepskin rug

Shop the Look:

DIY serape shower curtain made from an old blanket

I hope this blog post motivates you to try to make your own serape shower curtain. It’s a fun way to personalize any bathroom and give it a unique pop of color. Want a little serape inspiration? Check out I Have a Crush: Serape Love.

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7 comments on “DIY Serape Shower Curtain
  1. Connie says:

    I LOVE the shower curtain! I have quite a few serapes because I like the bright colours so much. I use them on my sofa and chairs. I think I’m going to make this shower curtain for my next project. Thank you for the diy.

  2. Alex says:

    I looooove this! I do have a question. How does it hold up over time? I feel like with the weight of the blanket gravity would pull down the fibers and make it tear. Did it hold up okay?

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