Easy DIY Sheepskin Stools

DIY sheepskin stools with gold legs

Trendy sheepskin stools have been on my radar for a long time. These fluffy footstools look great with just about any style decor and make a big statement. The unfortunate part is they are expensive. I cannot justify spending $600 plus on two footstools even if they are perfect. Sad.

I decided to make my own pair and save myself some money. I am thrilled with the way these beauties turned out.


CB2 sheepskin stools

Meet my source of inspiration. CB2 gets my style and I usually want everything they sell.  These sheepskin stools are $350 each. That’s $700 plus tax for a pair… I can’t. My wallet just can’t.


IKEA orange stoolsI searched high and low for the perfect materials to complete my DIY. I wanted them to look modern and be square, not round. It turns out IKEA had the stools for my vision. These ugly orange metal stools were just $10 each. I was slightly embarrassed to walk through the parking lot with these orange eye sores but I knew their future was bright.


DIY sheepskin stools supplies

All they needed was a couple coats of gold spray paint and some sheepskin. First I used Rust-Oleum metallic gold spray paint to coat to paint my stools. Then I found sheepskin stool covers on Etsy. I ordered the appropriate size and attached them to the stools. The sheepskin covers come in a variety of colors and sizes.


DIY sheepskin stools with gold legsAnd that’s it! No glue or sewing was needed. Now I have two chic sheepskin stools. It cost about $100 to make both of them.


DIY sheepskin stools with gold legs at home

They pair perfectly with my leather butterfly chairs or under my acrylic console in the entryway.


DIY sheepskin stools with gold legs at home

I get tons of compliments when people come over. They look expensive, but under that beautiful exterior is just an orange IKEA stool.  These might be one of my favorite DIY projects. Although my serape shower curtain DIY  might still have the number one spot.


DIY sheepskin stools with gold legs at home

If you have any questions about this project please ask! I would love to help you make your perfect pair of stools.


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