DIY: Silver and White Pumpkins

Cowboy Boot and Initial Studded Pumpkins by Horses & Heels

Happy Fall Y’all! There are so many ways to decorate pumpkins and I wanted to share mine, they are Horses & Heels themed naturally. I wanted to decorate but knew I wouldn’t be into carving so I opted for a little paint and some silver studs.

Take some inspiration from my pumpkins and decorate your own this weekend.

DIY Studded Initial Pumpkin and Cowboy Boot Pumpkin

Supplies Needed:

White Paint (I used Martha Stewart Vintage Décor Pain in Ivory)

Silver Paint

Paint brushes

Assorted silver studs – you can find these at a craft store or order them online.

* A little creativity.

I painted three coats of Martha Stewart’s paint on the pumpkins and allowed them to dry completely. Then I painted the stems of the pumpkins with a little silver, I allowed some of the green to show through for a rustic feel. I drew two H’s with a pencil and followed the lines to stud the pumpkins. You can do any set of initials this way and it’s such a nice way to create a big impact.

Painted Silver Cowboy Boot Pumpkins

Now for the silver cowboy boots, I had my mom paint those on for me free hand and she did a great job.

Mango the Pom poses with the pumpkinsEven Mango wanted to pose with the pumpkins when I brought them out. Don’t mind her hair right now, it’s somewhere between outgrowing her summer hair cut and preparing for winter. I cannot wait for this little pup to get her fluffy coat back!

Mango the PomOh Mango, you are such a natural model. DIY Studded Initial PumpkinHappy weekend!

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5 comments on “DIY: Silver and White Pumpkins
  1. AK says:

    Your pom is beautiful! I love the pumpkins too. What a great idea!

  2. Karen says:

    Very chic!

  3. Amber Rhodes says:

    Great photos! Love the leaves against the silver.

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