Double J Saddle, Turquoise Addition

Double J Saddlery Pozzi Pro Racer

As promised, here are the photos of my sister’s other Double J Pozzi Pro barrel saddle. You can see the first one here. This saddle has Chestnut basketweave tooling, floral conchos & a turquoise elephant seat.Double J Saddlery Pozzi Pro Racer with a turquoise seat

It’s also embellished with a lot of studded details and I figured we would start out from further away & zoom in closer.

Double J Saddlery Pozzi Pro Racer with a turquoise seatNot only is that seat dreamy but it’s super comfortable!

Double J Saddlery turquoise and floral breast collarMatching breast collar? You bet, it compliments the saddle to a tee.

Tooled details on the back of the saddleWho doesn’t love Double J?Pozzi Pro Racer by Double J Saddlery If you haven’t sat in or tried a Double J saddle on your horse, you really should. Miss Rumor & I are saving up for a pretty one for her too but for now I’ll just have to steal these from Tina.

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8 comments on “Double J Saddle, Turquoise Addition
  1. Phil Taylor says:

    “Stealing from Tina!” rofl.
    Does stuff frequently go MISSING from each others tack store, drawer, cupboard, bootlocker, garage, bedroom, or other hiding place only to be DISCOVERED much much later “oh is that where it got too?” ha ha!!

    • Raquel says:

      Haha, yes it happens all the time : ) I used to always take clothes from her closet when we were growing up & I guess I haven’t grown out of it yet ; )

  2. AmyLou says:


  3. Susie says:

    Sooo jealous!! This saddle is beautiful!! 🙂

  4. I DO love the turquoise in this saddle! Very pretty!!

  5. Barbara Fox says:

    this is the Saddle my daughter wants but I can’t find it anywhere, who know’s?

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