Double J Saddlery Headstall Giveaway

Happy 4th of July! Horses & Heels has decided to add to the fireworks & kick off an amazing giveaway from Double J Saddlery. Double J has been one of my favorite places to talk about, feature & just plain drool over ever since I started blogging. You keep up with Double J Saddlery on Facebook to see some of the latest stuff & products in action.

Isn’t this headstall amazing? It’s a browband headstall with black snake print & turquoise snake print wicked inlays; features antique silver Maltese cross conchosΒ & is embellished with stainless steel dots along the border.

It would honestly look great on any color horse.


Turquoise Goes with Everything!

Who doesn’t need more turquoise in their life?

These are some of the items that would compliment the headstall, for you & your horse.

Now of course by now you just want to know how to enter so I will stop talking.

To enter simply leave a comment below with your full name. Then spread the word to your friends & tell them to nominate you in the comment section below. The person with the most votes/nominations wins.

I will count all of the nominations up in one week on Wednesday, July 11th after 9:00pm EST.

Good luck & please no name calling or rudeness towards others.

Headstall & photo c/o Double J Saddlery

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424 comments on “Double J Saddlery Headstall Giveaway
  1. krystal vonrosenberg says:

    krystal Vonrosenberg nominate me (:

  2. Katie Conger says:

    Katie Conger !

  3. This would be good! Need a change.

  4. I am not too hopeful, I have never won anything in my life before!

  5. brittany hall says:

    My bia would LOVE THIS! and it would look stunning on her! And weve already started teal/turquoise!

  6. kristen lovey says:

    I nominate Krystal Vonrosenberg

  7. racheal clark says:

    Krystal Vonrosenberg

  8. Lori Downie says:

    I vote for Brittany Hall. She really deserves to win. She is very selfless and is always doing good for others!

  9. whitney graves says:

    Krystal Vonrosenberg!!! she would love this

  10. courtney wells says:

    i vote for brittany hall. brittany is truly a helpful and caring person. she is also part of TEAm DO3 which just recently got around 600 bales of hay together to send out to the horses and owners who are a part of the colorado wildfires. bia and her always work well whenever entered into a race. and i personally know the headstall will look great on bia.

  11. Mary Sines says:

    I nominate BRITTANY HALL and her beautiful bay mare BIA. This would be absolutly STUNNING on my GRANDAUGHTER mare,lol. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL headstall!!!

  12. Kylie says:

    I vote for Brittany Hall, a truly deserving individual!

  13. sasha says:

    my sister Krystal vonrosenberg!

  14. jeff says:

    Krystal Vonrosenberg. I nominate her. pick her!

  15. mackenzie hamil says:

    I voteee Krystal V. you go girl!

  16. Laura Wellington says:

    My vote is for Brittany Hall and her horse Bia.
    She has a heart of gold,a passion for riding like no other I have seen and generosity that should be rewarded.
    Vote Brittany and Bia!!!

  17. amber says:

    Krystal Vonrosenberg! she is such a giving person vote Krystal.

  18. Norma says:

    I vote for Brittany Hall. So much has already been mentioned about her selflessness and all she does for others. It is the truth. She is such a great person who truely loves her horses. Brittany and Bia deserve to win this.

  19. Rick Wells says:

    I vote Brittany Hall….daughters support her, so will I>

  20. Amy Witt says:

    AMY WITT!!!

  21. Lori Witt says:


  22. Jessica Abraham says:

    Jessica Abraham
    omg, so pretty! πŸ˜€

  23. Jennie Cherkis says:

    I vote for Brittany Hall, She has been busting her butt winning $$ and running for the DO3 Team, and has donated her time to get hay donated for horses out west with the fires. I think she deserves to win a new headstall for her Team DO3 horse!!

  24. After reading through the comments section I vote for Brittany Hall too. What she is doing to help the owners and horses in CO is amazing! That girl deserves to win this. πŸ™‚ Go Brittany!

  25. I vote for Brittany Hall. As said already she does so much for others. Helping with aid for the horses in Colorado and riding for Team DO3. She is truly an amazing person. Her and her horse Bia deserve to win this.

  26. Danielle Huewe says:

    Please let me win! Please let me win! I’d love to have something new, since I’ve never had my own tack, it’s always been OLD hand-me-downs…some from when my dad grew up! So…PLEASE LET ME WIN!

    Thanks and happy 4th!

  27. susie m. says:

    I nominate Brittany Hall!

  28. Linda Tansek says:

    Brittany Hall – hope you win Britt, you deserve it! πŸ™‚

  29. Denise Ciccone says:

    I vote Brittany Hall!

  30. Hannah Sundberg says:

    I vote for Brittany Hall!!!

  31. chris hall says:

    I vote for my loveing wife brittany hall and my girl Bia. You deserve it punkin

  32. Nikki Hootman says:

    My vote goes to Brittany Hall!

  33. Elizabeth Biegacki says:

    I vote for Brittany Hall !!!

  34. AmB says:

    I vote for Brittany Hall!!

  35. Liz Festerling says:

    Please nominate me!

  36. Rachel F says:

    I nominate Liz Festerling!

  37. Fallon Fogarty says:

    I vote for my mom, Liz Festerling!

  38. Travis Fento says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling

  39. Heather B says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling!

  40. Tony Gribble says:

    Vote for Liz Festerling

  41. Amanda owens says:

    I nominate Liz festerling

  42. Michael Ada says:

    I vote for my teammate Liz Festerling

  43. Rachel Gribble says:

    I vote for my Aunt Liz Festerling!

  44. Tammy Denton says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling !

  45. Larry Fenton says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling. That would look great on her new mare!

  46. Bill Sadler says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling too

  47. jim Fogarty says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling

  48. Deb Boutroff says:

    I vote for my friend Liz Festerling.

  49. bart says:

    I vote for my friend in Tennessee, Liz Festerling (and I hate doing things like this!!)

  50. Suzie Bermes says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling

  51. Doug Wolfe says:

    Shipping guru votes for Liz Festerling

  52. Marvin Combs says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling. (new horse needs a new headstall)

  53. Frank Costantino says:

    I vote for my Aunt Liz Festerling

  54. Melissa says:

    I vote Liz Festerling

  55. Kim WAde says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling!

  56. Deb Yetman says:

    I vote for my good friend Liz Festerling

  57. Dallas Hunsucker says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling

  58. Robyn says:

    from Australia I’ll vote for my friend Liz Festerling, Good luck!!

  59. Mae says:

    Votes for Liz Festerling! Go Liz!!!!!!!!!

  60. Tony Allen says:

    I cast my vote to Liz Festerling

  61. Tracie says:

    I vote 4 Liz Festerling!!!

  62. Dianne LeVan says:

    I vote for my friend Liz Festerling, single mom that works very hard to give her daughter everything with the horses and sacrifices for herself. She deserves a new headstall!!!!

  63. Maddie Dobay says:

    I think me, Maddie Dobay, should get it!

  64. Kimberly Dobay says:

    My daughter Maddie Dobay should get it!

  65. Rachael Chapman says:

    My best friend Maddie Dobay should win it! Her horse would look great!

  66. Linsey Lee says:

    Maddie Dobay and her horse, King, need it!

  67. Annie Viall says:

    Brittany Hall and Bia!

  68. Kayli Staric says:

    Maddie Dobay

  69. Caleb Martin says:

    Maddie Dobay better win it! She’s working hard to get it!

  70. Simone Lee says:

    I vote for Maddie Dobay

  71. christel janson says:

    Brittany hall should win the headstall!!!!!!

  72. Amanda says:

    maddie dobay should win…

  73. bailey says:

    Bailey stewart

  74. Alyssa Dobay says:

    Maddie Dobay

  75. tricia says:

    Bailey Stewart

  76. Christen says:

    Maddie dobay should win

  77. Audra Knapp says:

    Maddie Dobay should get it!!!

  78. Dillan Pavlisin says:

    Maddie dobay should win this

  79. brandon says:

    Bailey stewart deserves it!

  80. Brenda says:

    Maddie Dobay

  81. Brittany Chapman says:

    Maddie Dobay should win

  82. Brandon s. says:

    Maddie Dobay

  83. Mike says:

    Brittany Hall!

  84. Mitch Jackson says:

    Maddie Dobay needs it

  85. Sam says:

    Maddie Dobay should win this

  86. jen says:

    Brittany hall deserves to win. She’s the most selfless person I know.

  87. Emily Kruse says:

    I nominate Maddie Dobay

  88. Veronica says:

    Maddie Dobay!

  89. jen cork says:

    Brittany hall!

  90. Mark Staric says:

    I vote Maddie Dobay

  91. Rachel Scneider says:

    I vote Bailey Stewart πŸ™‚ luv ya girrl πŸ™‚

  92. Angelica Stewart says:

    Bailey Stewart all the way !!!!!

  93. Morgan P says:

    Bailey Stewart your my bestie :))))

  94. Tyler Winkler says:

    My cuz Maddie Dobay should win!

  95. Michelle Michael says:

    Maddie Dobay for the win! πŸ™‚

  96. mr streets says:

    Brittany hall!

  97. Sydney piacella says:

    Maddie Dobay!!!

  98. Jillian says:

    I vote for Maddie Dobay

  99. Samantha says:

    Britanny Hall!

  100. Brooke Gingrich says:

    Maddie Dobay is winning this

  101. Kenny P. says:

    Maddie Dobay

  102. Marti Nelson says:

    I VOTE Britanny Hall!!!!!

  103. Dustin Sutter says:

    I vote Bailey Stewart

  104. Kathryn Dhayer says:

    Maddie Dobay

  105. Haley says:

    Maddie Dobay:)

  106. breonna barker says:

    I vote for Maddie Dobay!

  107. Ashley says:

    Maddie Dobay

  108. Alex mcmillin says:

    Maddie Dobay should win.

  109. Kailyn says:

    Maddie Dobay =)

  110. Jocelyn B. says:

    Maddie Dobay shall win!

  111. Angel says:

    Maddie Dobay

  112. Cindy says:

    Maddie Dobay

  113. Hannah says:

    My vote is for Brittany Hall, she deserves it!

  114. Tyler says:

    Maddie Dobay

  115. Gina says:

    Maddie Dobay

  116. Jen says:

    Maddie Dobay!

  117. Jennah says:

    Maddie Dobay

  118. Hoss says:

    That is so sweet – it is calling Tater’s name!

  119. robin humphrey says:

    britney hall………………

  120. Mary Sines says:

    brittany hall

  121. Lisa Krueger says:

    Bailey Stewart MUST win πŸ™‚

  122. Lori corley says:

    Brittany hall !!!

  123. Sherry Vannoy says:

    Maddie Dobay should WIN~!~!

  124. Cindy says:

    I vote for Brittany Hall.

  125. Jamie Ward says:

    I vote for Bailey Stewart.

  126. Sandy Ward says:

    Bailey Stewart is the coolest β€” and winner.

  127. Harold Crane says:

    Bailey Stewart!

  128. Jamie says:

    Voting Bailey Stewart!

  129. Chris Grau says:

    Bailey Stewart!!!!!

  130. Sierra says:

    Maddie Dobay! a

  131. James says:

    Maddie Dobay

  132. Claire says:

    Maddie Dobay should win!

  133. Linda says:

    Maddie Dobay!

  134. Louie Hill says:

    I believe Bailey Stewart should win <3

  135. Tricia says:

    Bailey Stewart !!!!!!!

  136. Bob says:

    Bailey Stewart should win!

  137. Steve says:

    Bailey Stewart !!!!!!!

  138. Tally Hostetler says:

    Maddie Dobay should win it!!

  139. Brent Stewart says:

    Bailey Stewart will win!

  140. John Fisher says:

    Bailey Stewart

  141. Will Ray says:

    Bailey Stewart….

  142. Evan Hornyak says:

    Bailey Stewart 373

  143. Kylie says:

    Maddie Dobay

  144. Ryan says:

    Maddie Dobay

  145. Tina says:

    Maddie Dobay

  146. Kieth says:

    Maddie Dobay

  147. james aldridge says:

    Liz Festerling!

  148. Rusty Ashby says:

    Liz Festerling

  149. Jeff Auburger says:

    I’ll vote for the crazy one, Liz Festerling

  150. Kimya says:

    LIz Festerling Please, she is always talking about her horses! please let her win so she’ll stop bugging me!

  151. carlton says:

    Liz Festerling Please.

  152. Bobby Ball says:

    Liz Festerling.

  153. Steve Bandy says:

    Warehouse says Liz Festerling please.

  154. David Barnes says:

    lol, my “friend” liz Festerling

  155. Gabby Brown says:

    Vote for Bailey Stewart!

  156. John says:

    Liz Festerling

  157. Susie Eaddy says:

    Liz Festerling gets my vote.

  158. Damion says:

    Maddie Dobay

  159. Matt Johnson says:

    Vote for Liz Festerling!

  160. Tim Kibler says:

    I vote Liz Festerling

  161. Wayne Swafford says:

    Vote: Liz Festerling

  162. Kristina Overko says:

    Bailey stewart

  163. Elizabeth says:

    I vote for Liz, and I hope she wins!!

  164. Katie Willis says:

    Bailey Stewart!

  165. Devynn Pierce says:

    Bailey Stewart!

  166. Lana DeKoic says:

    Bailey Stewart!

  167. Marlynna Waller says:

    Bailey Stewart!

  168. Hanna says:

    Bailey Stewart!

  169. we vote for Liz Festerling

  170. Corine says:

    Bailey Stewart

  171. Tara says:

    Bailey Stewart

  172. Gary Henderson says:

    LIz Festerling

  173. Emily says:

    Maddie Dobay

  174. Krista says:

    Bailey Stewart

  175. Gary Henderson says:

    Liz Festerling!!

  176. Rick Russell says:

    Liz Festerling please.

  177. greg Dement says:

    Liz Festerling, Go girly!

  178. Rob Jacobik says:

    !! Liz !! Festerling !!

  179. David Townson says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling.

  180. Dee says:

    the pups and I vote for Liz Festerling.

  181. Bailey Baskin says:

    I’ll vote for my friends mom, Liz Festerling.

  182. Cindy says:

    I vote for the Saddle Club VP, liz Festerling

  183. Jennifer Stettler says:

    Liz (Lizzy! lol) Festerling

  184. Julie Powell says:

    Liz Festerling gets my vote.

  185. Beth Pierson says:

    my vote goes to Liz Festerling.

  186. kit & stannley says:

    Liz Festerling gets our vote please.

  187. Derek Hall says:

    the competitions mom….i’ll vote for Liz Festerling.

  188. sharon Bailey says:

    Liz Festerling! turn and burn it!

  189. Becky Hodges says:

    Liz Festerling gets my vote!!

  190. tootie trouhy says:

    Liz Festerling!!

  191. Pam Farris says:

    the Yankee, Liz Festerling.

  192. Zachary Zahuranec says:


  193. megan Tyrrell says:

    vote! vote! vote!
    Liz Festerling
    Vote! vote! vote!

  194. Dustin says:

    liz festerling

  195. D. Barves says:

    Liz Festerling

  196. Lesa Evilsizor says:

    Miss Liz Festerling and her daughter should get this.

  197. Zach Fulton says:

    Bailey Stewart definetly

  198. Dave Fecich says:

    Vote: Liz FEsterling

  199. Jessie Bonds says:

    Liz Festerling

  200. Toby B. says:

    Liz Festerling

  201. Aaron W says:

    Bailey STEWART

  202. AJ says:

    Bailey Stewart

  203. Randy Spicer says:

    co work who is pestering me to death today, Liz Festerling. now she’ll stop pestering me!

  204. Amber W says:

    Bailey Stewart and Angel <3

  205. Pat Bomar says:

    Liz Festerling!!!

  206. Angie C says:

    Bailey Stewart

  207. April says:

    Bailey Stewart

  208. sam Bonura says:

    Liz Festerling

  209. Austin says:

    Bailey Stewart

  210. Ayanna K says:

    Bailley Stewart

  211. Bailey B says:

    Bailey Stewart …………………

  212. Beth F says:


  213. Todd Evilsizor says:

    liz Festerling

  214. Billy Gallahar says:

    Bailey Stewart

  215. Louis Berryhill says:

    Liz Festerling!!

  216. BJ Johnson says:



  217. Richard Bishop says:

    Elizabeth “Liz” Festerling

  218. Brandon H says:

    bailey stewarttttt

  219. Pam Troendly says:

    Liz Festerling gets my vote

  220. Scott Abrams says:

    Liz Festerling in Memphis

  221. Randy Cooper says:

    liz festerling

  222. beckabush says:

    I vote brittany hall!

  223. Clint C. says:

    @ Liz Festerling–there I voted!

  224. Rickey Hart says:

    ———————–Liz Festerling—————————-

  225. mrs.speerstra says:

    I vote brittany hall

  226. Don Ledford says:

    liz festerling

  227. Chris Henry says:


  228. patti says:

    Brittany hall ftw!

  229. John Herrington says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling and her crazy horse obsession

  230. davidallan says:

    I vote brittany hall

  231. adam says:

    i vote brittany hall!

  232. Terini Ford says:

    Liz Festerling

  233. Brian Depner says:

    Baiiley Stewart of course!!!

  234. Tracy Frick says:

    Liz Festerling gets my vote!!!

  235. Brian Hill says:


  236. David Larrabee says:

    Miss Liz Festerling please!

  237. Caitlin B says:

    bailey stewaart you goo girrlll!!!

  238. David Garrison says:

    Liz Festerling gets my vote.

  239. Tony Terry says:

    I vote Liz Festerling

  240. Gayle Yarbrough says:

    LIz Festerling gets my vote! she really wants this, she’s bugging everyone to vote!

  241. LESLIE HOPPER says:

    LIZ FESTERLING!!!!!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!

  242. kimberly Wilson says:

    Liz Festerling

  243. George Hurst says:

    I nominate Liz Festerling! Good luck Liz.

  244. Karin Eden says:

    I vote…..

    Liz Festerling!!

  245. Evangeline Coe says:

    Liz Festerling, she just bought a new horse and says she wants a new bridle for her.

  246. J. Jones (yep, James Jones) says:

    I say Liz Festerling gets my vote!

  247. Lee Acklie says:

    I vote for Festerling

  248. Lavern Zwingman says:

    i throw my vote in for Liz Festerling

  249. Chrysonda Noye says:

    Liz Festerling

  250. Casey Mcclellan says:

    *************LIZ FESTERLING*************************

  251. Glenna Byrd says:

    I just love all your stuff

  252. Tonya Thomas says:

    LIz Festerling!!

    I voted!!

  253. Kendra Erickson says:

    Elizabeth Festerling!

  254. Leslie Coleman says:

    I vote Liz Festerling

  255. Glenna Byrd says:

    I nominate me, i need a saddle and bridle for my girl who i adopted in Dec ,,

  256. LYNN GALLAGHER says:

    my friends friend, Liz Festerling

  257. Denita Haynes says:

    Liz Festerling gets my vote. thank you!

  258. Kay Reasons says:

    I would like to vote for Liz Festerling please.

  259. Peggy Hyde says:

    This headstall looks awesome, heading to the website to see what lovely thing I just can’t live without!!! LOL

  260. Michelle Marie Puckett says:

    I can think of a medicine hat mare that would look beautiful on!!! πŸ™‚

  261. Ben C. says:

    Maddie Dobay!

  262. Caitlin says:

    I vote for Maddie Dobay

  263. Rose says:

    Maddie Dobay should win!!! Go Maddie!

  264. Gillan says:

    I nominate Maddie Dobay!

  265. Bob M. says:

    Maddie Dobay!

  266. Gabby says:

    Bailey Stewart!

  267. Leeza says:

    Bailey Stewart!

  268. Nicole says:

    Bailey Stewart

  269. Ty says:

    Bailey Stewart deserves this the most!

  270. Lydia says:

    I vote for Maddie Dobay:)

  271. Glenda K. says:

    Maddie Dobay deserves it!

  272. Roger says:

    Maddie dobay

  273. Justin says:

    Maddie Dobay

  274. Marissa says:

    Maddie Dobay! Come on pick her!

  275. Olivia says:


  276. Aleyna B. says:

    I vote for Maddie Dobay

  277. Josh says:

    Maddie Dobay

  278. Shelby says:

    Maddie Dobay

  279. Julie says:

    Maddie Dobay

  280. Shelly says:

    Maddie Dobay

  281. Maddy says:

    Maddie Dobay

  282. Kara says:

    Maddie Dobay

  283. Heather says:

    Maddie Dobay!

  284. Brian says:

    Maddie Dobay should win

  285. jo says:

    Vote for Maddie Dobay!

  286. Julianne says:

    I nominate Maddie Dobay!

  287. Tim says:

    πŸ™‚ Maddie Dobay

  288. Reba says:

    Maddie Dobay

  289. Connie says:

    Maddie Dobay gets my vote

  290. Renee says:

    Maddie dobay

  291. Mike G. says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling

  292. Lynn Hopkins says:

    Liz Festerling

  293. Ursula Cotton says:

    My vote goes to Liz Festerling

  294. Deanna Harris says:

    Liz Festerling

  295. Peggy McKnight says:

    Liz Festerling

  296. James Townson says:

    Liz Festerling

  297. Madison Atkins says:

    I nominate me, I been needing a bridle. But it will make it more special because its coming from y’all. Good luck and God bless!

  298. Dorothy Culp says:

    Maddie Dobay should win.

  299. Katherine says:

    Maddie Dobay please

  300. Faith S. says:

    I vote for Maddie Dobay

  301. Donna says:

    Maddie Dobay

  302. Chanel Adams says:

    maddie dobay:)

  303. Luann says:

    MaDdIe DoBaY

  304. cheyenne says:

    Maddie Dobay should get it!

  305. Tony says:

    Maddie dobays trying hard to get it

  306. Matt says:

    Vote for Maddie Dobay

  307. Zach says:

    Maddie Dobay

  308. raevyn says:

    Maddie Dobay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. Thomas says:

    Maddie Dobay

  310. Maggie Clark says:

    Maddie Dobay

  311. Tayler says:

    Nominate Maddie Dobay!

  312. Will says:

    Maddie Dobay deserves this so much!

  313. Joseph says:

    Maddie dobay

  314. Mark says:

    Maddie Dobay

  315. Maxwell says:

    Maddie Dobay

  316. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Maddie Dobay!

  317. Nick says:

    maddie dobay

  318. Hayden says:

    Maddie Dobay should get it.

  319. John says:

    Maddie Dobay

  320. Anna says:

    Maddie Dobay should win! πŸ™‚

  321. Tory says:

    Maddie Dobay

  322. brian dobay says:

    Maddie Dobay: please vote for her!

  323. Dave Carrol says:

    Maddie Dobay should win!!!!!

  324. Tim A. says:

    Maddie Dobay

  325. Teri C. says:

    Maddie Dobay

  326. Ryann says:

    Go maddie Dobay!

  327. petra says:

    Maddie Dobay πŸ™‚

  328. Linda says:

    Maddie Dobay

  329. melody says:

    Maddie Dobay

  330. Lydia Kirkland says:

    Maddie Dobay will win! She’s been telling everyone!

  331. Millie says:

    Maddie Dobay

  332. Greg says:

    Maddie Dobay******

  333. Isaac says:

    Maddie Dobay

  334. Sherry says:

    I vote 4 maddie dobay

  335. Jim K. says:

    Maddie Dobay

  336. Linda K. says:

    Maddie Dobay from me!

  337. Jan says:

    My vote goes to Maddie Dobay:)

  338. Heather L says:

    Maddie Dobay

  339. Hoss Lors says:


  340. Claudia Lors says:


  341. Barbara corbitt says:

    What a.great giveaway [email protected]

  342. Melissa says:

    I always love their stuff! It’s always unique and gorgeous! Melissa Head

  343. Trey H says:

    Maddie Dobay

  344. Yolanda says:

    Since it is a little late to be nominated and there are so many already out there, I think I will vote for Brittany Hall, Just because I know a Brittney Hall, not the same person, but she made me smile and so that’s how I came about my vote.

  345. David Abbot says:

    Liz Festerling

  346. Curt Cadet says:

    Vote for Liz Festerling.

  347. Travis Dahle says:

    Liz Festerling.

  348. Terry Eakins says:

    my vote is for Liz. (Liz Festerling)

  349. Daphnie Fair says:

    Go Liz! Liz Festerling! Go!!

  350. Rebekah Gage says:

    Liz Festerling please! she gets my vote!

  351. Diane Haff says:

    Liz Festerling

  352. Shelley Ingerick says:

    Liz Festerling

  353. Kathy Jackson says:

    Liz Festerling!!

  354. Melanie Kalb says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling

  355. Mary LaMaster says:

    Liz Festerling

  356. Belinda Madden says:

    Liz Festerling

  357. Jackie Nance says:

    Liz Festerling (Elizabeth)

  358. Sandra Neal says:

    Liz Festerling please, thank you!

  359. Jennifer Newman says:

    liz festerling

  360. kimberly newsome says:

    Liz (Elizabeth) Festerling

  361. Barbara O. says:

    i vote for my co-worker Liz Festerling

  362. Laura says:

    Liz Festerling.

    “yup, yup”.

  363. J. Page says:

    Liz Festerling

  364. Ann Palmer says:

    Lizzy Festerling

  365. Blair Palmer says:

    Liz Festerling

  366. Kim Quigley says:

    Liz Festerling

  367. Kris Radke says:

    Liz Festerling

  368. Cindy Sadler says:

    Liz Festerling

  369. meghan Sadler says:

    We vote for you!!!

    Liz Festerling

  370. Pam Talley says:

    LIz Festerling

  371. eileen Udy says:

    Liz Festerling

  372. vanessa Van Giessen says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling (you owe me one!!)

  373. Shirley Wagner says:

    Liz Festerling

  374. Rachel says:

    Liz Festerling!

  375. Cedric A says:

    Liz Festerling

  376. Leslie C says:

    Liz Festerling

  377. Sherita B says:

    Liz Festerling

  378. Scott Abrams says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling.

  379. Bryan Tackett says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling

  380. Rob Kramer says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling

  381. Rasheda Jones says:

    I vote for Liz Festerling too!

  382. Tiffany Turner says:

    Liz Festerling

  383. tiffany wright says:

    liz festerling

  384. Beverly Otis says:

    Liz Festerling

  385. John Biggs says:

    Liz Festerling is the way to vote!

  386. debbie Brack says:

    Liz Festerling

  387. Brian Eubanks says:

    Liz Festerling

  388. Jill Yarger says:

    Liz Festerling

  389. G. Stephenson says:

    Liz Festerling

  390. Gil Watters says:

    Liz Festerling

  391. Christina G. says:

    Liz Festerling

  392. Rose Fair says:

    Liz Festerling

  393. Norene Logan says:

    my dear friend Liz Festerling–from Nana.

  394. Shelley Larson says:

    liz festerling

  395. Mary R. says:

    I nominate Liz Festerling…

  396. Jon Loveless says:

    I vote for my office mate, Liz Festerling.

  397. Cindy Caudle says:

    Liz Festerling

  398. Abigail Mautz says:

    Liz Festerling

  399. Karen Hall says:

    Liz Festerling

  400. Rick Hodges says:

    Liz Festerling

  401. Mary Adkins says:

    Liz Festerling gets my vote, that is a pretty bridle!

  402. B. Gibbons says:

    Liz Festerling

  403. Brandi Van Hooser says:

    Liz Festerling

  404. D. Crenshaw says:

    I vote for Elizabeth Festerling (Liz)

  405. Emily M. says:

    Liz Festerling

  406. G. Hipple says:

    Liz Festerling

  407. Dana Shelly says:

    Liz Festerling–PRETTY!!!!

  408. Kenny Lane says:

    Liz Festerling

  409. Roy Taylor says:

    Liz Festerling

  410. Stan M. says:

    Liz Festerling

  411. T. Cason says:

    Liz Festerling

  412. tina Parker says:

    Liz Festerling–i like that bridle! it’s very pretty!

  413. Will Hamilton says:

    Liz Festerling

  414. W. Pummil says:

    Liz Festerling

  415. Marlene Cline says:

    My vote is for Elizabeth Festerling (Liz)

  416. Kathleen Biederka says:

    Liz Festerling.

  417. Cindy Everett says:

    Liz Festerling

  418. Eric Grasse says:

    Liz Festerling

  419. Raquel says:

    CONTEST IS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  420. Liz Festerling says:

    OMG! Thank you! I love my work family! they all helped me! this is a beautiful headstall! Thank you!

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