Easy DIY Metallic Pots

DIY metallic pots on a shelf outside

Earlier this week I shared my outdoor patio refresh with Pier 1. One of my favorite parts about the project was this wonderful new plant station. The shelf is one of the few remaining pieces of furniture from Ohio. When we moved into our new house there was no place for this shelf. I immediately decided to relocate it outside and turn it into a fun place to display plants.

terra cotta pots before

I headed to the 99 Cent store to pick up some terra-cotta pots and took a detour to the local nursery on my way home.

terra cotta pots and succulents before

I picked up some pretty portulaca called margarita mix, some blue chalk sticks, and something else (I cannot remember what it’s called).

gold and metallic paints

I sourced my metallic paints and ended up using the gold spray paint and rose gold spray paint.

after spray painting

I sprayed with zero intention and made interesting patterns. The blend of rose gold and gold looked fantastic.

blue chalk sticks in a metallic pot

New blue chalk stick succulents in their pot.

Planting station with DIY metallic pots and succulents

I found other succulents growing in my yard so I scooped those babies up and potted them too.

Succulent in a gold pot

I don’t know what this is called, plant experts please tell me!

metallic pots

I’m thrilled with the end results of these pots. I hope I inspire you to get out there and plant some new succulents or cacti this summer.

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4 comments on “Easy DIY Metallic Pots
  1. I didn’t know the 99 Cents store has terra cotta pots! I think I know where I’m going on my lunch break today as there is one around the corner! Your patio looks great!

  2. Lisa says:

    I love that you mixed the gold and the rose gold paints. They look great!

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