Goodbye For Now

Black and White Overo Paint MareIf you follow Horses & Heels regularly and subscribe to my weekly emails, you might have heard me mention some talk about moving. I’ve kept it relatively quiet but it’s time to let the news out of the bag, I will be relocating to New York City at the end of the month. It’s a really good and bad feeling all at once – my husband has taken a job there and so everyone else in the family is following him there, almost everyone. My inner fashion compass and the “Heels” part of this blog is very excited but the “Horses” part of me is horrified (and very scared of public transportation).

Rumor will be heading to North Carolina this week to go live the next year with my friend Ashley, who will be leasing her. Where the road takes us after that, I’m not sure but it’s going to be an adventure for everyone involved. Ashley is a horse lover, marketing whiz by day and a blogger in between who runs a site called The North Carolina Cowgirl. These past years with Rumor have been great and she has proven herself to be a very loyal and consistent barrel and pole horse. I truly hope Ashley enjoys Rumor as much as I have and that these two really click. And of course I do get to come visit so that will be fun.

Black and White Overo Paint Horse

Naturally I had to take some glamour shots of my girl this weekend and wanted to share them here. It was a very cold day and Rumor wasn’t her cleanest so I just decided to filter my photos with black and white to hide the dirt ; ).

Black and White Overo MareHer winter coat is starting to come in and I’m slightly jealous she’s moving where the weather will be a little bit warmer. Black and White Overo Paint Horse MareI’m enjoying our last few rides together this week before she goes and am getting ready for a couple weeks of insanity when we start apartment hunting and the actual move. Black and White Overo Mare, Rumor

Wish us all lots of luck as we take on these next couple of weeks.


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18 comments on “Goodbye For Now
  1. Amber Rhodes says:

    She’s just gorgeous. How terrible to have to leave her :(. Good luck with your move.

  2. Lori Ross says:

    Facebook Denise Vespa…. she is a horse gal that I know in NY… although she is into Saddlebreds…
    know that there are horse people in NY …the state that is…lol

  3. Jessica says:

    Rumor looks beautiful. I am sorry you have to live apart for a while. I hope you get to visit her often and that the move goes well.

  4. Jenn Zeller says:

    OMG! Way to make my cry on a friday! I’m so sad for you, but happy at the same time. I cannot imagine having to give up my horses! I do wish you the best! XOXO

    • Raquel Lynn says:

      : ( I just did plenty of crying as I loaded her on the trailer today. I’m so happy that she is going on to do her job but I’m sad it won’t be with me. Rumor just loves the attention, fuss and fun of competition so I know I did the right thing. So many mixed emotions.

  5. That must have been a really change to come to grips with. Hopefully you can visit her in NC. I bet she’d like that as much as you.

  6. paulaewalker says:

    I will miss you!! But I guess now this country girl will be able to say I have a New York City friend. Would be horrified to leave my horse but wouldn’t want her in New York either!! Stay well and hopefully you’ll get cranked up again. You’ve helped me with equestrian fashion more than you’ll ever know!!! Bye for now Paula Walker, Oklahoma

    • Raquel Lynn says:

      Thanks for the kind words Paula but don’t worry – Horses & Heels will still go on : ) I’ll just be blogging from the big city! Ps. plenty of new fun DIY projects are going to be taking place with the new apartment.

  7. CMK says:

    Hi Raquel. Just left you a FB message. You can come ride at my place or just play with the horses if you want. I am 50 miles north of grand central. I still have Montana too 🙂

  8. Weekend Cowgirl says:

    Happy and Sad both for you. I know it will feel like you are missing your best friend. So happy you found a great place for your horse…

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