Gucci Glitter Horse Bit Loafers

Gucci Pink Glittery Horse Bit Loafers


Does anyone need Gucci Loafers covered in soft pink glitter? The answer is no, but surely they top my wish list. I spotted these sparkly beauties and just had to share them. They come with a hefty Gucci price tag and a whole lot of fun. Ps. Happy New Year!

Pink Glittery Gucci LoafersGucci loafers are one of those iconic pieces, treat them right and you will wear them forever.

Gucci Pink Glittery Loafers


For anyone who is interested in purchasing these beauties, you may buy them here.

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3 comments on “Gucci Glitter Horse Bit Loafers
  1. Laura says:

    They are so cute but yikes! WAY too rich for my blood!

  2. Lori Ross says:


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