Gypsy Soule at Market

Gypsy Soule flip flopsGypsy Soule is always a sparkly place to stop and see and I am finally sharing some more photos from Denver Market! From dazzling flip-flops to jewelry, clothing and more Gypsy Soule doesn’t do boring. Come take a look at some of the photos I snapped and remember to visit their website for shopping and details. Gypsy Soule pink flip flopPretty in  pink. Gypsy Soule flip flop in brownThis two toned strap is very fun and one of my favorites. Gypsy Soule at the marketA colorful Gypsy Soule display to welcome you inside their booth. Gypsy Soule flipsGypsy Soule Flip Flops on displayPick a favorite pair or two…Gypsy Soule flip flop close-upDetailed shot again! It’s always tough to photograph sparkly items with the lighting at market so sometimes it feels like I am not doing justice to the products. Gypsy Soule apparelSome Gypsy Soule apparel.

Gypsy Soule flip flop in blackAnd one last shot.

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2 comments on “Gypsy Soule at Market
  1. Jessica says:

    These shoes are beautiful. I love the sparkle.

  2. Weekend Cowgirl says:

    Very “Cha-Cha”!

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