High Fashion With an Equestrian Flair
I was putting away my summer handbags when I came across my spring collection La Espulea handbag from a few years ago. Its pink flowers just were not going to cut it for the next few months… see you in the spring I thought.

I decided to check out the latest La Espulea handbags at LILO Collections & the rest of the LILO products as well. I’m normally all about sparkles & bling but sometimes I like to opt for a sleek & more refined style. Confession; I used to ride English when I was younger – jumping & dressage. I still have my Ariat English boots & I thought about bringing them out of the closet & pairing them with some leggings & long cardigans for the fall.

These next pieces would go perfect to complete the look.

My Top Handbag Picks
The La Espuela Barcelona¬†Cristina handbag is handmade in Spain with hand cut, naturally tanned leather. It’s shaped like an english saddle & accented with a silver trimmed stirrup.

A classic bag LILO Collections Susana Scarf Handbag is also made from naturally tanned leather using vegetable oil instead of harsh chemicals. I’m always up for earth friendly products that look good. It is probably my favorite LILO bag

The Milan Bianca dome handbag is spacious & available in chocolate or black. It’s great for those days when you feel like you need to carry half of your make up or a small office with you.

LILO Collections has a variety of jewelry, belts, scarves, & gift items for just about everyone on your holiday list as well. A lot of products are made with renewable resources & unique finishes you can’t find anywhere else. Visit LILO Collections to find out more about locating a retailer or upcoming events where they are going to be.

Bracelets always make great stocking stuffers or just because gifts as well. I honestly believe that bracelets are the most common jewelry pieces given to women during the holidays. I think because men believe they are a “safe” gift. Earrings & necklaces sometimes give out a more serious vibe & bracelets say casual, unless you talking about a diamond tennis bracelet. The new Salas bracelets are cute & simple.

These bracelets are great as well, I love the snaffle bits.

LILO Collections – Stylish. Fresh. Unique.
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4 comments on “High Fashion With an Equestrian Flair
  1. PawPurrry says:

    Great blog. I particularly love the Susana Scarf Handbag by LILO.

  2. Raquel says:

    Thank you! I agree… I just want to do early holiday shopping for myself & buy it!

  3. Rosanne Dingli says:

    Loved the saddle handbag although I am not a handbag person myself.

  4. realfengshuisolutions says:

    I love the Christina bag with the scarf. You could have some fun changing that up. Great post

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