Hot To Trot Apparel for Fall

Hot To Trot ApparelThe fall weather has been pretty wonderful so far & I’m hoping it stays that way. A couple of months ago I introduced you to some tees by Hot To Trot Apparel, here are some of their long sleeve tees. They are perfect for this time of year & easy to layer a vest or jacket with for cooler nights. 

Tina is pictured wearing the “God Created The Horse” shirt in teal. 

Hot To Trot Apparel BlueThe fit of these tees are perfect & they make great casual attire. 

Back of shirtBack of the shirt. Hot To TrotHere is the back of their long sleeve “Carousel Rides” tee in light pink. HorsesSome curious ponies. 

Carousel RidesThere is nothing better than sunshine, the sound of leaves crinkling beneath your feet & spending the day with your favorite equine friends. 
Horses grazing in the sunsetHere is hoping this gorgeous fall weather stays with us just a little bit longer. 

Shirts provided c/o Hot To Trot Apparel.

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