Junk Gypsy Gives Back to Wild Horses

Junk Gypsy wild horses campaign

A couple months ago I shared the latest PBteen collection by Junk Gypsy. The one thing I didn’t mention is that some of these pieces are giving back to a good cause. 25% of every purchase on one of Junk Gypsy’s giveback items will be donated to the Wild Horses of America Foundation.

Junk Gypsies give back

Shopping and helping wild horses? I’m in! Keep on scrolling to see the giveback accessories from the collection.

Junk Gypsy serape overnight bag

The wanderer duffle bag features gorgeous serape print that’s soft and not too bold. It’s accented with suede straps, a tassel, and suede bottom.

Junk Gypsy fringe pouch

If you buy the duffle bag, chances are you’ll want to have the matching fringe wanderer pouch.

Junk Gypsy fringe backpack

This fringe backpack is too cute!

wild mustang mare and foal

Remember your purchase of Junk Gypsy/PBteen products will help beautiful mustangs like this. Jim from Wild Horses of America captured these stunning images.

herd of wild mustangs

You can check out the rest of the JG PBteen collection online if you haven’t already. Get out those credit cards and start helping the mustangs.

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