Just A Little Sparkle Please


 Sparkly and shiny B.B. Simon and Kippys belts for the western rider and cowgirl. 


Kippy Pink Belt
I have a lot of unnecessary obsessions just like most fashion forward cowgirls. Allow me to introduce you to my B.B. Simon belt collection. There are so many colors & styles to choose from that I find myself picking up a new belt every year at Quarter Horse Congress. No matter how many B.B. Simon belts you have, you always want another one… Ps. I updated these photos recently because my camera skills were not that great when I first started blogging. It’s nice to go back and update things, especially when it’s for the better. 
Colorful B.B. Simon Belts
Lime green, hot pink, denim and pink acid wash are the belts I have in my collection so far. Three of the belts are B.B. Simon and one is Kippys. Can you tell which one is the odd one out? 


If you guessed the pink belt with orange and purple crystals, you would be correct.
Western Belts

You can never have too much sparkle. 
Interested in picking up your own sparkly Kippys or  B.B. Simon Belts ?

Shop online at a local retailer for B.B. Simon

Visit Kippys online


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3 comments on “Just A Little Sparkle Please
  1. Susan Pancost and Roxanna says:

    Was just looking at your PHOTO fo “PIRATE”. Susan remembers how wonderful he was and loved his too. Congs. on your new puppy is so darling……
    Hope Tara is feeling better. We are enjoyingyour web site.
    Gonna back up and see what else you have to show us.


    Bye for now Susan and Roxanna

    • Raquel says:

      Awww hey Susan & Roxanna! I’m glad you ladies stopped by & checked out the blog! I hope you will be back soon & continue to check it out : ) Tara is well… doing better. She just learned how to bark again so that is new as of this week.

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