Kender West Jewelry

Kender West

Are you familiar with Kender West? You should be! They have lots of cute jewelry & fun signs for your home. I focused on getting some photos of the jewelry while I was in Denver at the market & just had to share. To purchase any of the jewelry you see here, head on over to their website & shop away.

Kender West RingsThey have plenty of cute rings!

Kender West Cross RingsLots of crosses.

Kender West Leather CuffsThese leather cuffs are some of their most popular pieces.

Kender West CuffsI happen to really like these cuffs as well.

Kender West Colorful JewelryA lot of Kender West’s jewelry is bold, bright & fun.

Kender West NecklaceI have several pairs of earrings, a couple cuffs & a necklace from Kender West that I love. The quality is awesome & their products are all made here in the United States.

Kender West Blessed

Blessed Bracelet.

Kender West Faith

Faith Bracelet.

Kender West Believe Bracelet

Believe Bracelet. Kender West Cross Bracelets

Cross bracelets.

Kender West Turquoise Cross

Turquoise cross necklace. Can you tell I took a lot of photos? This is a very small fraction of the pieces they have to offer.

Kender West Cuffs StackedAnd one more photo of these awesome cuffs.

Remember, any of these pieces can be found or ordered online at

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One comment on “Kender West Jewelry
  1. Jessica says:

    Beautiful jewelry.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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