Lane Boots Promo Code

Pretty boxes of Lane boots

Welcome to another Monday, I’m sharing a couple of new Lane Boot styles that I love & Lane Boots has generously offered another 15% off promo code good for today only. I hope you will take advantage! Boxes of Lane Boots are gorgeous, the boots are even prettier.

Ashlee Lace - Lane Boots in turquoise

I just love these colors – turquoise + white stitching = fabulous. Now that is simple math, & yes I’m being a nerd.

Grace in Brown - Lane Boots

If neutral tones are more of your thing than these brown & red ones might scream your name. I think they are beautiful & I love the crosses.

Lane Boots

I’ve adored this pair since I first saw them in Denver when I attended WESA. There is something about that just draws me towards their funkiness. I’m also very excited for the Lane & Double D Ranch boots to come out… they are coming soon & I’ve been following along with Facebook for updates & I encourage you to do the same.

Today’s code for 15% off your order from Lane Boots is Horses&Heels. Please note that this will only apply to regular priced items (not clearance).

Happy Shopping!

1st photo taken by me, others from Lane Boots online

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4 comments on “Lane Boots Promo Code
  1. Melissa says:

    I want a pair of these boots so bad and have been waiting for this code and then of course missed it yesterday as I was traveling home from Vegas. Shoot! Maybe I’ll get lucky and can use it today somehow. Thanks!!!

  2. Marti says:

    I love the second pair with the crosses gorgeous !!

  3. jinkazama722 says:

    This code and then of course fail to spot it the recent past as I was itinerant home from Vegas. Shoot! Maybe I’ll get lucky and can use it today somehow. Thanks for this!independence day messages l ramadan messages

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