Leather Equestrian Mirrors


Personalize your home with a custom equestrian mirror from October Design Co.

Braided Bridle and Full Cheek Snaffle Bit Mirror in the Bathroom

Around here at Horses & Heels, I am a big fan of repurposing old items into something new, especially when it comes to horse tack. October Design Co. creates leather equestrian mirrors from vintage tack and can create you a custom mirror if you provide the tack.  It’s a great way to turn a bridle or bit of a special horse into a forever keepsake for your home.

Pictured above is a custom project made with a braided bridle and full cheek snaffle bit, it adds a touch of rustic charm to this bathroom.


Leather Equestrian Mirrors from October Design Co.The mirrors can be made with bits and pieces of bridles, girths, and harnesses.

October Design Co. also offers a variety of lighting fixtures made from rustic and vintage recycled materials. Founder Stephanie Reppas blends minimalist design with urban rustic pieces which results in one of a kind designs. Based in New York, Stephanie spends her days turning discarded items into something beautiful. In addition to the lighting and mirror collection, a furniture, clothing, jewelry, housewares and textile line is in the works.

Custom Twisted Snaffle Bit Mirror

This is a perfect example of a before and after; a twisted snaffle bit mirror made for a happy customer.

Bit Mirror in Progress

Another leather equestrian mirror work in progress.

1800 Leather Equestrian Mirror with Antique Iron Bit

This 1800 leather equestrian mirror features an antique iron bit and is currently available for sale online.

Leather Draught Blinder Mirror

A leather draught blinder mirror currently available for sale online.

Visit October Design Co. online to learn more and see the current pieces offered for sale. Or contact Stephanie with a custom request with tack you already have. A 10 percent discount is offered to professional contractors, restaurants, interior designers, businesses and boutiques, please mention this to Stephanie via phone or email to receive the discount.

Photos provided c/o October Design Co.

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  1. Love the look of these! Would love to have one on my future horse property!

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