Macie Bean Shorty Boots

Macie Bean Shorty Cowgirl BootsI spent this weekend in NYC walking and apartment hunting (the good news is we found one)! I noticed lots of beautiful short styles of boots paired with denim, skirts and dresses. Naturally I had to share these NYC worthy Macie Bean Boots. These three pairs of short and sassy boots are the latest and greatest from Macie Bean. You can buy these from any retailer who carries Macie Bean Boots.

Macie Bean Sugar Foot Shorty Cowgirl Boot

“Sugar Foot”

Macie Bean Coleman Shorty Cowgirl Boot


Macie Bean Annie Shorty Cowgirl Boot


Which pair is your favorite? I think I’m torn some place between Coleman and Annie. Coleman has a sleek and stylish design that reminds me of an updated paddock boot which an english rider could appreciate. Yet Annie has a more classic western vibe.

Order your favorite pair today from your local Macie Bean Boot retailer.

Photos c/o Anderson Bean Boot Company

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5 comments on “Macie Bean Shorty Boots
  1. Amber Rhodes says:

    Really like the Annie boots although they’re all gorgeous. Yay about finding an apartment!

  2. I’m loving those Annies. But I’m heading to Vegas in December for NFR and Cowboy Christmas and am a little scared about all the gorgeous boots that I know will be available there… Planning to bring an empty suitcase out there with me 🙂

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