Mango Meets BISSELL®

Clean space and happy dogThe days are getting shorter and everyone is getting ready for winter, even Mango. Her double coat is extra thick right now and she’s shedding old hair. I love my nine pound fluffy fur ball, but I do not always appreciate the mini fur balls she leaves behind throughout the apartment. It seems like there are “cotton balls” around every corner.

Mango and the BISSELL pet hair vacuum Mango has finally met her match though. The BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® Vacuum is made for dealing with hair just like hers. BISSELL® has an extra-large capacity tank with a patented cyclonic pet hair spooling system that separates and captures pet hair for a hands-free empty. It has extremely powerful suction to pick up all pet hair and debris and a revolutionary tangle-free brush roll. Hair goes into the tank, instead of getting wrapped around the roller. This awesome vacuum is making it a lot easier to clean around here, although Mango may not agree.Mango the Pom and the new pet hair vacuum

Mango’s thought’s – The man with the purple outfit came to the door a few weeks ago. I barked at him as usual, he did not bring me treats. My mother was so excited about this big box and made me take a photo with it. Immediately I thought it was a present for me but I was quickly disappointed. 

It appeared to be what the humans call a vacuum. I know all about the vacuum. It lives in the closet and comes out a couple of days a week to disturb my afternoon naps. There was a mention of picking up the dog hair – what dog hair?Mango and the BISSELL vacuum

The vacuum was assembled in just a few minutes and it immediately began disrupting my day. How am I supposed to get my 18 hours of beauty sleep if mother keeps bringing the vacuum into every room? She vacuumed the rugs, under the rugs, and then it started invading more of my personal space under the couch and bed. She even went under the couch cushions, how dare she disturb my couch. 

fluffy little cream PomeranianAfter 30 minutes of cleaning it appears that the vacuum is getting put away. Thank goodness. I’ll go back to napping until there is a mention of lunch or dinner. 


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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3 comments on “Mango Meets BISSELL®
  1. Susan Friedland says:

    Mango is a surprisingly good writer! She also really knows how to work it for the camera.

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