I’ve gone back to my roots (literally) & have ditched my fierce red locks for some blonde. I was born blonde & I stayed blonde until years ago; an ex-boyfriend broke up with me & I decided I “needed a change” – enter the mistake of almost black hair.

My hair was never the same again, since then I have been shades of brown but red has been my color of choice for the past couple of years. I finally decided I could pull off blonde again & made the switch a couple of weeks ago. I think I’m going to keep it for a while, blondes do have more fun right?

I just love this photo, I made it my new Twitter avatar ~ @CityMeetCountry if you want even more daily updates!

Aviators – I stole them from my bf & he let me keep them.
Ring – Lola by Marc Jacobs

Yes, the three hours at the salon was totally worth it, what has your hair been up to this summer?
Photo Credits: bf 
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9 comments on “More Blonde, More Fun!
  1. theolivetree says:

    I have dark dark hair…so dying was never really a choice for me…plus my mom would never let me…haha. However my sister has a different hair color everyweek…so not fair!

  2. Grace says:

    nice! I also have had pretty much EVERY shade of hair color. I love changing it up but right now I'm also doing the blonde thing 🙂 It's great for the summer.

    However, I'm thinking maybe it'll be time for a change in the fall. we'll see!

  3. Melissa: Write it in Lipstick says:

    they say blondes have more fun, I love blonde hair secretly I want to go blonde hahaha. But Brunettes are hot too right?

  4. Raquel says:

    Yes, definitely Melissa : )

  5. Sunny & Star says:

    I am a dark dark brunette so I never dye my hair because I just don't think I would look right going lighter when I am naturally so dark. If I did dye it I would definitely want to be a red head. My mom is a red head and I am so jealous that I did not get those genes.

  6. SZEMES says:

    Very Good the blog. Regards, Imre from Hungary!

  7. Suzie Salmon says:

    I did the dark hair thing once…didn't turn out so great and it took years for my hair to recover! Now I have a saying, "if you want to change your life, don't start with your hair!" Have a great day girl, you look gorgeous as yooozh!

  8. Raquel says:

    Thanks everyone! Blonde is here to stay! (or at least for the summer). My mom & grandma were like keep it please!

  9. Fashion Mom says:

    yes this is an amazing good picture, I think you look lovely with your natural hair color x

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