No Cameras Please
Shooter the Quarter horseI want to introduce everyone to our latest barn addition ~ Toast The Corona, aka Shooter. He is my sister’s new yearling. He has been in the barn for a few months now but he is not a fan of the camera yet.

Here the best two photos out of approximately 50… standstill Shooter.

He certainly has a gorgeous mane on him for a yearling & yes even this photo is a little blurry. Shooter is bred to run & out of Corona Canyon by Toast To Dash.

I will teach this horse to love the camera.

Shooter is a sorrel with a flaxen mane, tail & forelock. His only white marking is this almost diamond on his forehead.
pretty little forehead

Until next photo shoot…
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7 comments on “No Cameras Please
  1. Sisters and Sisters says:

    what a beautiful horse!


  2. Sunny & Star says:

    Awwww! I love him. He is so beautiful. I love the sorrel color for horses too. We have one (well actually it's my brothers) and she is gray with a black mane and tail and black legs. And you are welcome for the awards.

  3. jamie-lee says:

    Oh my gosh he is a beauty!

  4. theolivetree says:

    I like how is looking at like "don't take my photo!" super cute!

  5. Tamra {walkswithBella} says:

    Thanks for your sweet comment and visiting, Raquel. You have such a lovely blog. Your horse is beautiful!!! I love riding, they are such elegant animals. xoxo

  6. Fashion Mom says:

    oh Raquel! he looks so cuuuute! x

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