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I like pretty things.

I really like pretty things!

I really, really like pretty things!!

I also like artistic creations & I was so impressed by Rene Gibson’s ability to turn ordinary skulls into extraordinary works of art. I just had to share some of these creations, you can find more online at Rene Gibson.

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This pink skull would look fabulous in my office, I’m just saying. The beautiful bead work, the mosaic pieces, it truly turns this skull into something glamorous & barbie approved.

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If traditional turquoise & a western look is your thing than this is the skull for you.

Rene sells most of her work to private collectors but two of her skulls have been shown on the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible Cap’n and the Cowboy episode. You can contact Rene for a custom piece or she has work available on Etsy. Besides skulls Rene offers some pretty unique looking mirrors as well.

772183 orig 522x700 Rene Gibson

This is patriotic & bold, the details here are flawless.

1253068 orig Rene Gibson

This skull reminds me of stained glass windows & I could see this in a room with red walls. There are lots of other cool pieces in the gallery online so be sure to check those out as well!

4477381 orig 467x700 Rene Gibson

 Okay I had to slip one more in there! Which one is your favorite?

Photos from Rene Gibson online

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  • Melissa

    Those are amazing!! I blinged out a bison skull but nothing as neat as these. Inspires me to get back to work and make more pretty skulls. I love the pinnk one!

  • Ashley @ The North Carolina Cowgirl

    Love them! My Favorite is definitely the turquoise & western one. However, if she had a pink and black skull I would be all over it. :)

  • Amy Witt

    These are stunning!

  • Aguide4thekids

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    Regards from Argentina =)

  • Suzie Salmon

    These are all amazing!!!! I’ve seen the blingy ones before, but that pink one really speaks to me :)

  • Cindy Foster

    I LOVE them all!! What a talent you have!! But the last is my favorite.