I’m rewinding a bit this Monday back to the WESA market last month & am sharing a few gorgeous photos from the Rios of Mercedes showroom. Just like the sign says, they are handmade in Texas, Mercedes Texas to be exact.

Look at this fun box of hides, with Rios your boots are never boring. You can purchase a pair of awesome Rios Mercedes boots from a local retailer, you can find the list here.

Check out these sweet boots!

The patchwork ones just might be my favorite here : ) What are yours?

So many styles, so many options.

I hope you have a great Monday & remember you have until this evening to enter the Cowgirls Are Forever giveaway! Don’t miss out!

  • Touch call! I love the black and white ones. I also love the blue and white ones as my alma matter colors.

  • Fanny

    I like the middle ones, dark brown with beige, so so pretty!

  • sally clemmons

    just found your site and I love it !! ive recently started my equesterian journey…and ive realized how much of life i have missed out on…i have just one pair of boots that i wear out – but i am looking for another pair to wear dailey…cos if ya gonna be a cowgirl yu just gotta wear ya boots ! lol.. love your boots !

  • jamie

    the boots with the deck of cards is so fun and unconventional! hope you had a great valentines, Raquel!!

    happy valentines day!
    xo jamie