Patent Leather Rios of Mercedes
Happy Monday, last week I was admiring pink, but now it’s red. These Rios of Mercedes Red Patent Leather boots are pretty fierce. They are a PFI exclusive & on sale. I don’t usually wear a lot of red but I happen to think red goes great with turquoise & I want to expand on the look. I’m in search of great turquoise & red items, I think these boots cover red.

Red Rios of Mercedes cowboy boots

In some ways this boot is very simple with red Patent leather & a single stitch quilt going up the shaft. But white stitching really makes the red stand out, as if this color doesn’t already.

Toe Perfection
These Rios feature the A-toe

Patent Red Rios of Mercedes Cowboy Boots

Red is wonderful, but these boots aren’t for those who are afraid of getting noticed.

Where would you wear these?
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9 comments on “Patent Leather Rios of Mercedes
  1. Vanilla - notes from my closet says:

    I really need a great pair of cowboy boots! I don't think I am brave enough for bright red but I am looking for a nice tan or chocolate colour 🙂

    Love, vanilla

  2. theolivetree says:…I have red colored platform flats just like those…the're my fav

  3. Melissa: Write it in Lipstick says:

    I have to say I love red boots, this is lovely

  4. A Reel Lady says:

    I would probably wear them, just not all the time of course! I'm a HUGE Rios of Merceedes & Anderson Bean fan, and I believe my feet thank me for it!

  5. Sisters and Sisters says:

    Amazing! A women can't have enough boots:)

    H&C from Amsterdam

  6. Fashion Mom says:

    it's beautiful in that red color! x

  7. Kacie Leah says:

    I'm usually not a big fan of shiny patent boots….but these are pretty darn cute. A friend of mine actually wore these in her wedding! Love it! I've just about decided your blog is no help with my shopaholic tendencies. Boots, purses, jewelry…..ayiyi! haha!

    I can't believe you know my tees!!! That makes me feel like a cool kid! And yes, we have a website, and facebook (

  8. Lear Lee says:

    love the boots

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