Rodeo Quincy Rosita Fall Collection


The Rodeo Quincy fall collection is now full of fun and sass! 


Rodeo Quincy Carmen Cowgirl BootsIs your closet in need of a new pair of funky and fresh cowboy boots? The Rodeo Quincy Rosita fall collection is available for pre order now and will be arriving soon. This collection of boots is named after Quincy’s grandma, Rosita Marvel. You can visit or to get your orders in. Horses & Heels has been a fan of Quincy Freeman’s boot designs since the beginning of the collaborations with Ariat. Flashback to the 2011 Quincy boot collection with Ariat and the 2012 Quincy boot collection with Ariat.

Pictured above are the Carmen embodied short fringe boots. Carmen Rodeo Quincy Cowboy BootsThe backs of the boots say “love” and “luck” and feature just a small amount of red fringe.

Rodeo Quincy Gloria Cowboy Boots

If you are looking to make a big statement, the Gloria Rodeo Quincy Boots are for you! The Gloria boots are nice and tall featuring a 17 inch shaft that goes below the knees and a bold stitch pattern.

Gloria Rodeo Quincy Fringe Cowgirl BootsThese boots are beautiful from all angles.

Rodeo Quincy Isabella Fringe BootsThe Isabella boots are similar in color and style to the Carmen boot but feature a little bit more fringe on the outside.

Which pair of boots do you prefer?

Photos from Rodeo Quincy online

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4 comments on “Rodeo Quincy Rosita Fall Collection
  1. Love the last pair with the fringe!

  2. Jessica says:

    These boots are so fun. My favorites are in the last picture.

  3. All are nice, but I like the Carmen style best.

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