My Secrets to Coping with Stress at Horse Shows


There are two types of stress; good stress from things that excite us and get our adrenaline pumping and the bad kind that causes panic, nervousness and fear. In general I am the type of person who easily gets stressed out, for better or worse. One of the things that always stressed me out as a child and still does is competing at horse shows. It’s normal for me to not eat all day until a show is over or my last run happens. My nerves could always easily be sensed by any horse that I rode. Do I not enjoy horse shows or competing? Absolutely not, I love them but I get nervous and stressed out no matter. I am a competitive person, I strive to do well and this always brings out adrenaline and good anxiety at the same time.

Pole Bending Paint Horse, Raquel and Rumor

Surely I can’t be the only one who holds their breath during a run and doesn’t realize it until after?

Best of the Best Barrel Race, Raquel and Rumor

One thing that I have been doing for years is taking products from RESCUE also known as RESCUE Remedy so I was thrilled to participate in this sponsored post (sponsors help keep this site running and I never work with brands I don’t trust). I grew up taking the original RESCUE Remedy dropper and spray formula that could be taken under the tongue or into some water. Sometimes I even slipped a little into my horse’s water.

I also always try to bring along an iPod with some good music to listen to on the drive to a show or before a class. Another secret weapon of mine? Mango! Having a furry little pup around like her always takes the edge off and she is a nice distraction. Although with Rumor in North Carolina and myself in California shows aren’t in my future for now.

Mango the pom

The little horse show dog!

Fast forward a few years and RESCUE has some new great products like pastilles, sleep melts, gum and a dedicated pet formula. I tried the RESCUE Pastilles in Black Currant and have been loving them. They are in an easy chewable gummy form and taste great which is always an added bonus. RESCUE products are all natural and non habit forming, you can buy them at CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Sprouts and wherever you find natural products. If you are interested in trying RESCUE be sure to grab their BOGO coupon online now so you can try RESCUE for yourself.


RESCUE Pastilles for natural stress relief

How do you cope with stress on a daily basis?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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4 comments on “My Secrets to Coping with Stress at Horse Shows
  1. Jessica says:

    I get stressed out so easily. And am always worried and anxious about dozens of things. I should really give these a try.

  2. Nicki Green says:

    It works for horses and dogs! I used it last July 4th!

  3. Kendra McKinney Marvin says:

    I get nervous too. I use Suntheanine to help with the stress.

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