Shooter’s Second (& better) Photo Shoot

Shooter, Quarter horseYesterday was gorgeous & I got to play with my camera a bit! The subject was Toast The Corona aka Shooter, Tina’s two-year old. I posted a couple of yearling photos of him last year, he didn’t cooperate & he was long over due for some new photos especially since he has grown so much. Look how time flies, he is such a big boy right now.


Quarter horse in the springWorking it for the camera.


Pretty Quarter horseI love this photo of his mane, taking advantage of the “golden hour”. That is one of the few things I do know about photography, because right now I’m just that girl with a fancy camera who doesn’t know how to use it (yet).


Quarter horse grazingShooter was enjoying the weather & trying to sneak a few bites of grass.


Quarter horse coltI hope you get to spend some time outside today, it’s going to be another gorgeous day. We are planning on taking our horses to our practice arena to work barrels & poles. Do you have any plans with your horses today?

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7 comments on “Shooter’s Second (& better) Photo Shoot
  1. He’s super cute! I love your noseband too!

  2. He’s beautiful and he looks so happy!
    … and look at all your green grass.
    Great photos!

  3. molly says:

    he’s SO beautiful!! love love love

  4. Sharon says:

    Beautiful horse. I have no horses to take out for a ride,but on this beautiful day I will take myself for a walk.

  5. He is beautiful and love his name!

  6. Marti says:

    He is adorable, I really like horses !!

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