Yesterday was gorgeous & I got to play with my camera a bit! The subject was Toast The Corona aka Shooter, Tina’s two-year old. I posted a couple of yearling photos of him last year, he didn’t cooperate & he was long over due for some new photos especially since he has grown so much. Look how time flies, he is such a big boy right now.


Working it for the camera.


I love this photo of his mane, taking advantage of the “golden hour”. That is one of the few things I do know about photography, because right now I’m just that girl with a fancy camera who doesn’t know how to use it (yet).


Shooter was enjoying the weather & trying to sneak a few bites of grass.


I hope you get to spend some time outside today, it’s going to be another gorgeous day. We are planning on taking our horses to our practice arena to work barrels & poles. Do you have any plans with your horses today?

  • He’s super cute! I love your noseband too!

  • He’s beautiful and he looks so happy!
    … and look at all your green grass.
    Great photos!

  • he’s SO beautiful!! love love love

  • Beautiful horse. I have no horses to take out for a ride,but on this beautiful day I will take myself for a walk.

    • Raquel

      Walks are always nice too : )

  • He is beautiful and love his name!

  • Marti

    He is adorable, I really like horses !!